Help needed with cola ( cola recipe ideas )

I may too if I tried them again it’s been so long ! I never thought of them tasting like soap thou… that’s usually an indicator of high Vg and only some ppl pick up on it thankfully I do not.

I personally like to use cola as a splash anymore and not really the main event.

Well, I think at least for me it’s not related to VG, as I’ve made max-vg juices that tastes fine. I’m not sure what it is. My initial impression pre-DIY was that they used concentrates that were way too floral. However after making juices with honeysuckle and hibiscus, I’m unsure about that as I didn’t have issues with that. I know people like their milk & honey, but all their fruity juices just taste like cologne/perfume/soap. Kinda peeves me that they charge top-shelf prices for it

Does the Hiliq cola and Dr. Pepper have the fizz (?) effect ?

No, it’s like a bottle that’s been in the fridge for a week and it’s lost its’ carbonation.

Is there a fizz effect for any vape cola juice?

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From what i read, adding cream soda or champagne is still the only way to do it.

I only got 4 cola flavors, 2 tpa, 1 cap and 1 fa. None have the effect.

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I have FW Cola and it’s weird, definitely not fizzy. I have TFA Champagne and it’s not innocent; I would guess adding that for fizze (which I don’t detect anyway) would kind of make it dark and weird. I use that in pink lemonade for a more pungent feel and less sweetness.

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(FA) cola actually has a carbonated/fizzy effect.
(VT) Fizzy Sherbet can be used for that too. If kept below 2% it mimics carbonation, above it will turn into a citrus sherbet.


I wonder what chemistry goes into creating a fizze in a non fizzy thing.


Some say it’s due to triacetin, others say it’s due to m
Malic acid, and then others say it’s a combination of triacetin + malic acid to create that effect.

I can’t find evidence for any of that tho, but then I have also not looked into it any further, I like the effect and to me it’s “magical” lol.


It does sort of make me wonder… Everyone knows colas by definition are carbonated beverages. You’d think if it was possible/easy to create the fizze effect, all cola flavors would have it unless it’s intentionally omitted. I don’t get why they aren’t all fizzy.


First I thought that too, however it might have been not intentionally because it does steep out after around 2 weeks, both flavors I mentioned above do have higher citrus nuances.

Maybe that’s what causes is but was never intended in comparison to champagne (FA) but it just happened that the chemical reaction of flavors to get cola at the ends, somehow put that effect in.

First I thought it was a chemical reaction of me and others using it at too high of percentage but cola does it at any - low/high don’t matter.

Vt as I mentioned only at low percent, so they might have not intentionally added that effect, because they were aiming for a sherbet but just turned out it has fiz?

But I agree that it makes you wonder why not every beverage clearly named/marked after soda, doesn’t always include “carbonation” . Same for ice cream, if it’s marked as such it should come with cool effect, otherwise call it like any other manufacturer a cream!


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