Help needed with cola ( cola recipe ideas )

Hi all

I have ordered a few cola concentrates

Inawera cola
Liquid barn cola freeze
Capella’s cola
Cola from

A few colleagues at work have requested a cola ejuice. I have tried all above as single flavours except cola freeze ( still awaiting delivery )
Would a cola recipe work best as a single or multiple ingredient recipe

I am looking to make a nice not overly sweet cola eliquid any suggestions would be greatly appreciated


Coke Freeze (LB)
(they renamed it Cola Freeze)

Mixed it at 8% Stand-alone. This turned out to taste just a little bit smoother after a week’s aging. It reminds me of the old RC Cola and it does still have a ‘coolness’ to it, but no fizziness. It’s great for anyone that just loves that cola flavor.


Thanks Alisa

As soon as it arrives I will try it as you stated.

Inawera cola reminded me of those cola laces type sweets
It is nice but not quite that great cola taste I’m after

Fairly new to DIY and don’t have experience with this type of flavour e liquid.
Tried cola syrup TPA, and didn’t like it


I have heard adding a little champagne, or oba oba can give a sort of fizzy sensation to a soda type mix, but I haven’t ever tried it to know for sure.


Thanks all input greatly appreciated.
I have seen in a recipe somewhere that FA liquid Amber at 4 drops for the 30ml mix added a carbonated affect but I haven’t tried it yet.

As soon as I get the rest of my supplies I will start to experiment in depth trying any suggestions on this post.

does anyone have an ADV cola eliquid DIY or shop bought?


The cola from FA is pretty good, to me anyway. Might be worth a try?


Hi chewy

Thanks for your input. Firstly would like to say your fizzy pink lemonade is amazing. Just got my KH lemon sherbet today to make another batch, hats off to you for this recipe.

I didnt order any FA cola because I read in a thread somewhere that FA and INAWERA colas are very similar in strength and taste. what would you say?
I mixed INAWERA cola @ 3% and found my sweet spot for this flavour @ 5%. I like strong flavour

Oh and just a quick question- is it normal for most cola concentrates to go cloudy when mixed ?

I use a milk frother to mix all my juices for around 5 minutes and initially they go so cloudy the juice looks like milk. Once the liquid goes back to clear I then cap the bottle and store it for steeping. The cola’s don’t go clear just settle to a cloudy liquid that you can still see through. I have had this with some lemonade recipes using FW natural lemonade so figure it must be the concentrates themselves.
Although cloudy they perform just as well as a clear juice and very tasty.
I always mix 50/50 with 6mg nic base using pharmaceutical grade VG and PG


RC Cola and a Moon Pie! …it could happen. Just a Moon Pie might not be that hard …CAP Choc Glazed Doughnut, Sweet Cookie, Biscuit, Marshmallow, Meringue? Together in one juice? (you said RC Cola! It was justa reflex) Oh wait maybe I should look first …damnit Uncle Charlies Moon Monkey [dejected emoji here]



@Ash98691 thank you
Yes that fizzy pink lemonade has turned out quite well and has proved very popular with friends and work colleagues.
I have a few other lemonade type recipes that I will need to post up.

Regarding the INW cola I have never tried it myself but I believe that FA and INW were linked with each other in some capacity a while ago so it is entirely plausible that they are similar in a few flavours, cola included?
The FA cola I use has never went cloudy? But I don’t think that it is a concern if it does as there are a few flavours that do this, FW lemonade being one,that you mention.

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I really like cola freeze by LB love this recipe of mine and always have a bottle of it on hand. It’s easy peezy too the vanilla is a classic vanilla not a Madagascar if you sub it out and the cream from LB is a slight sweet cream.


Hi Amy2

Pink freeze looks good. I will definately be giving it a try. Thank you so much.


It’s good ! Atleast it’ll give ya some ideas of things to do w/ cola !

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Really appreciate your help Amy2

I’ve not been mixing long so every bit of advice helps. Mixed up some cola freeze yesterday as soon as I recieved delivery. Going to see how it tastes solo at 8% in 50/50 base after 1 weeks steep.
Looking at mixing up your pink freeze this weekend.
Thanks again

I’ve done a few cola mixes that are now steeping
Smells from the bottles are promising.
I will be posting the recipes once happy with taste test.

So far the pink freeze, a cola bottle mix and a coke float are my favourites in terms of smells.

For anyone reading this post who likes cola
I have given up trying to create a good cola e liquid because my 2 favourite recipes from this site have been a hit with my work colleagues.
These are a must for cola lovers

  1. Pink freeze by Amy2
  2. Old fashion coke float by Danhank

However any recommendations for a cola only recipe would be nice. I’ve tried a few solo cola flavours including FA but find that something is missing and don’t get that complete/rounded strong cola flavour.


I have only used cola flavors from LA & nowadays, FA.
I like to add Black Cherry to it for a cherry cola & I always add a little Koolada for that “cold” sensation.

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What percentage do you use for the FA cola
I have tried 3%,4% and 5%. Have one steeping at 8% because I don’t seem to get a strong taste. Concentrate in bottle smells nice but can’t seem to translate that when mixed. I am currently mixing at 60pg/40vg
I have a 10ml loranns cola any recommendations as I haven’t used loranns before kinda worried because it looks like a dark syrup


I use the FA cola at 4%, the Black Cherry at 2% & the Koolada at 1%. I have tried the LA cola, but it so dark & seems to wreak havoc on my coils.
The taste is good, however on both brands.

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I have only tried one cola flavored mix so I don’t have much experience but this one is very good and may give some help with flavoring idea’s.
It pains me deeply that Open Source had to close.They use all Medicine Flower extracts and list the recipe on their site.
I am still undecided if I want to purchase all these flavors just for this mix though , it gets rather expensive!

Open Source Vapor- Toka-Cola-Not a clone the real recipe from the vendor

Ingredient %
Cinnamon (MF) 0.14
Coriander (MF) 0.14
Lemon (MF) 0.09
Lime (MF) 0.04
Nutmeg (MF) 0.09
Orange (MF) 0.13
Organic bergamot flavor 0.05
Stevia (Organic Reb-A) 2
Vanilla (MF) 1.32

Flavor total: 4%

Remember to rate it at!

Thanks !

I have more but they are better as 30 pg / 70 vg and that’s too much pg for me but I’ll post one here that I came across I really loved this one too. I hate being sensitive to pg. I am going to work on adapting this one tonight so that it still taste good being a max vg blend.

It’s private so view only mode

cherry berry screwball

Ingredient %
Black Cherry (TPA) 2
Red Touch (Strawberry) (FA) 4
Sour (FW) 2
Strawberry (TPA) 3
Sweet Strawberry (CAP) 1
USA Pleasure (Cola) (FA) 0.4

Flavor total: 12.4%

Remember to rate it at!

This one is good straight away but really starts getting intensely good about 3 days out.

Cola Gummy By Mike Literus Clone of Cosmic Fog’s Cola Gummy ( spot on to me I never bought another bottle of it after I made this.) SnV !!! I believe I did this one as a 30/70 as well back then.

Cola Cap 10%
Bavarian Cream TFA 4%
Gummy Candy TFA 2%


Am i the only one that thinks most of the cosmic fog fruity juices (cola gummy included) just taste like perfume-y soap?
Also… I’ve been enjoying using VT Fizzy Sherbet, VT Creaming Soda, and RF SC Soda Base with my soda mixes. A touch (.25-.5%) of WS-23 (30%) helps with the iced feeling, though I’m sure you all knew that. Also a fair bit of sweetener (~75% super sweet). On to the actual help; you can of course add lime or vanilla or cherry or whatnot, but I’ve found that .25% TPA Dragonfruit works well- in conjunction with 3% FA Cola and 3% CAP Cola.


The best cola concentrates I’ve had are specific flavors, not simply a cola base. Coke and Dr. Pepper from HiLIQ. They also have Ice versions of them both. Ice Dr. Pepper is one of my ADV’s. It isn’t actually a recipe though, just a finished concentrate so if you want to brew up your own recipe, these won’t help. But both of those are really well done and are good juices as standalones.