Help needed with Tobacco Recipe

Hi guys
I have a recipe but I not sure will good or not

Virginia fa 5m.l
Desert ship fa 2.5 m. L
Maxx blend fa 3 m. L
Black Fire fa 1 m. L

This recipe for 120m.l and 50vg / 50 pg and 6 m.l nicotine
I really need to know your opinion about this recipe and will be good or not and if you suggestion to replace any flavor or percentage
Thanks for help

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Virginia (FA) 4.17% (SF mean usage: 2.5% - Mix mean usage 2%)
Desert Ship (FA) 2.08% (SF mean usage: 2% - Mix mean usage 1.5%)
Max Blend (FA) 2.5% (SF mean usage: 2.7% - Mix mean usage 2%)
Black Fire (FA) 0.83% (SF mean usage 1.5% - Mix mean usage 0.5%)

First impression is that your flavor usage is rather high… but a lot depends on your equipment too. Since you’re using a 50/50 mix, I assume you’re a MTL vaper?

I’m not a tobacco vaper, but I highly suggest you start making a 10ml test mix and judge it before making 120ml.


@mostafa3 I know about nothing about tobacco flavors, but maybe if you edit your title to, “Tell me your opinions on a Tobacco recipe” some of our tobacco flavor experts might see it, and chime in. I CAN edit it for you, but with your consent.





My reommondation is to try a 15ml batch. I agree that the percents seem high…but if it tastes good you that’s all that matters.

If it doesn’t taste good you can dump the mix or add some more pg/vg. I just would try that a 120ml level since it could result in too much waste.


after a couple month steep of course


Precents seem high even i make 120 m.L bottle ?

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Your percentage doesn’t change with volume

If you slice a pizza in 4 equal parts, it doesn’t matter how big the pizza is. 1 slice is always going to be 25%


Maybe you were asking a question? With a statement.

Yes, as a whole I think the percents seem high. But I am not one to judge. I would though research the flavorings on the recipie side and see how folks are useing those flavors. For my experience ry4 fa at 2% alone in a recpie was high. Ozone fa at 0.75% alone was to high in a mix. Combining multiple flavorings at that percent seems high.

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