HELP! Newb trying to replicate A Cool Spearmint

Hi Guys,

Newbie to DIY here. My first attempts appear to be dreadful of making flavours.

What I really want to make is a super cool (cold) spearmint flavour. I like to suck on Eclipse Spearmints.

I was wondering if these 2 flavours may do the trick:

Flavour West Extreme Ice 5%
Capella Spearmint 5%

Thanks for any info.


P.S. I’m fond of Halo Sub Zero but really miss a spearmint taste. Plus sub zero is incredibly experience when I love to sub ohm at 90w.


Hi @Joey14! Welcome to ELR! While I don’t have a lot of experience with mint concentrates, a good spearmint is my favorite. The problem I was having is that, in my personal experience, I was finding that many mint flavors tasted like peppermint. However, I will say that in my limited use of mints, I found that Purilum’s Arctic Mint is the closest to spearmint that I have found. However, perhaps someone else will be able to provide you with more options. Good Luck!


If you are using about 10% flavor then there is no need to look further…
Mint by Flavormonks does what you need!

Using 10% here are my notes : very cold and strong peppermint, too strong, could drop in %, feels like freshly brushed teeth, knuckle test very strong peppermint icy cold feeling aftertaste

p.s. this awkward sales pitch is brought to you by a fellow noob
p.p.s. always test your own flavors because taste is VERY subjective


Yeah that is what i was worried about. I don’t want the peppermint taste (I do have CAP Peppermint here) and I have tried versions bought from vendors (usually called Icy Cool Peppermint) or something along those lines. I definitely don’t want peppermint, it’s definitely spearmint. And I love the icy cold hit. I have a cooling aid as well. But I thought I.might be going over board adding it.

That’s why I was wondering about percentages. And I want to feel both tastes (And yes I love that "I just cleaned my teeth feeling).

Thanks for replying.


Peppermint is a hybrid of spearmint and watermint. This way it contains more ‘menthol’. Menthol is the ingredient that gives the ‘cool’ effect.
Speamint is more subtle as it contains ‘carvone’. the counterpart of menthol which is more subtle and doesn’t give a high cool effect
Like I said taste is subjective and when it has to be ‘spearmint’ then you have to add cool to get both effects.
How much cool you need to add in %? That depends on the cooling aid you use. WS-23 is more powerfull then Polar Blast and Polar Blast is more powerfull then koolada. Do some research on the flavornotes and you’ll be able to make a guestimate of how much you need.


I totally get what you mean. Lots of people seem to not care about the difference -mint is mint- but to me there’s a very clear taste difference. I am the opposite though, I love peppermint but I don’t care at all for spearmint or coolness :rofl:

If I were you, I’d just do some research in flavor notes. There are plenty on this forum, on the flavor pages, on reddit, atf and so on. If it’s something you’re really into, buy a few that stand out and see which one(s) work best for you. Buy the smallest quantities you can find until you’re sure you like a flavor. After some testing you will know which quantities work best for future use.
Don’t focus too much on the coolness of the concentrate itself, more on the flavor part. You can always add the cooling effect with additives like Polar Blast, WS-23 and similar cooling agents and maybe some sweetness if you like that too.

Going by the notes and ratings, a safe bet would be to try FA, FW and Flavorah, and I’d add something like FA Polar Blast or WS-23 to my shopping basket as well.


I’m learning new things every day. I never knew that and never even heard of watermint :slight_smile: Cool



Maybe i need to add up my percentages. I have a ton of flavours here. Most I’m uninterested in. But I thought maybe one day I’ll change my mind.

CAP Spearmint and FA Extreme Ice are recomemeding pretty high percentages to start with. Between 10-20%.

Maybe 10% of each. For a total of 20% favouring?

I have the ws-23 cooling agent.

Does a total of 20% flavouring sound too high?


With flavors evolving over the years there are now ‘super concentrates’ that require only a few drops per 30ml. The older brands like CAP, TPA, Flavormonks,… require higher % for the same result. The fastest way to become more knowlegable is to test your flavors individually, AKA SFT (single flavor test). There are many ways to go about SFT’s but the only way in the long run is to do your own research. There is a ton of info here on ELR and hours of reading time. THIS DOESN’T MEAN PEOPLE DON’T WANT TO HELP YOU… so sorry for the caps but if you mention ‘do your own research’, people get offended quickly.
I still refer to myself as a noob and will probably do for a long time to come, but reading for hours and testing my own flavors gives me a headstart in becomming a better mixer.
If you look at the recipe side and filter to rating, you will see there are a lot there with 20+% flavor. So it’s not wrong to do so. Anything that involves ‘taste’ is different for everyone. Try some 10ml recipes with different %'s and see where it takes you. This is the best advice I can give you.
Good luck on your DIY journey :wink:


Ok thanks. Yeah. I have done a ton of researching and its driving me batty.

I guess I will follow Flavour Worlds recommendations (where I purchased them). I just can’t subohm 90w and buy ready made juice.

I’m gonna guess my flavours aren’t super concentrate when recommended starting point is 10 to 20% on most the flavours I bought.

Guess I’ll make each of the flavours separately then add half of each to my tank, then pray I get what I’m after.


Recommendations from a website are not always the way to go… Just recently I’ve seen people complain about a flavor being used over 4% turning quite nasty, but when I look at the website where I buy my concentrates, there are recommendations for a use of between 10-20%.

A lot of it depends on your equipment and your taste buds. It is always better to start low and build your way up. Take a little bottle, fill it up with 10ml of your base, and add to your liking to find out what the best % is for you.

CAP Spearmint has a median average of 5% usage among ELR users. I would definitely not start any higher, rather lower.
Extreme Ice is from Flavor West if I’m not mistaken, not FA (FlavourArt). It is used at a median average of 5% as well.

Again, a lot of it depends on your equipment. If you use an RTA/RDA with a dual coil to vape, I’d start a bit lower. Are you using a pod or AIO system, you might consider upping those flavors but personally, I’d still start at those percentages and work your way up. More concentrate doesn’t mean more flavor. Often you’re going to mute your flavors if you’re using too much. It’s weird but less is often more.