Help newbie with flavor list

Hello i am new to this forum and have recently started making my own juice i purchased a kit from liquid barn and have ordered flavors from Capella and TFA my favorite type of juices are the ones heavy in creams i love the cereal flavors does anyone have any suggestions or can anyone help me with a list of flavors i should have that i might not of ordered (i know you dont know what flavors ive ordered ) but with suggestions i could cross reference ANY HELP would be greatly appreciated thank you for your time

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Welcome Fidalgo.

You can go to the recipe site, and if you click the “User” drop down in the upper-right hand corner of the page you can go to your “Flavor Stash”. Enter the flavors you purchased into your stash. As you start to type in the flavor name watch the flavors that will pop up and select your flavor from them making sure to pick the one that is used by the most people.

Make sure you enter your flavors correctly. Entering them with an improper name, or incorrect formatting will not allow you to search for recipes you can make.


Also go here to see a list of all the flavors used by the recipes on the site. This link has them sorted so the most popular ones show up first:


As far as cereal goes, I’d say get the flavors for this. It’s exactly Fruity Pebbles:

This one is great as far as cream/cheesecake goes:


thank you i do have most these flavors


Recommended Flavors and Research List There’s a running list of well regarded flavors in this post.


I totally recommend researching recipies you may like and different manufactures (FA, cap, and so on). Sure I can tell you I love Vienna cream FA and fresh cream FA , but I’m not sure if they will give you the heavy cream taste…they ar must haves for me that help round out my mixes. There are great links above pointing out a few recipies.

And there is the normal comment recommending reading and research.

My favorite first step in research is take the flavor/the main ingredient I have…you like cream, so type the name of your cream in the flavor list search function, the names will come up by brand, select the brand you have…and then all the good stuff shows up to your fingertips. Lots of comments about the flavor profile, mixing percentages, and at the bottom there are recipies listed for the cream you are researching. It’s all there, ready for you too read.

The more you read prior to mixing something the Better chance you don’t get a new mix that tastes like sweets sock. It is fun sometimes to do some crazy like just start adding flavors together 1% of 6 different flavors randomly. But I hate dumping.


so it seems that flavour art is out of italy and the site i found is canadian are there any distributers for this product and fw probably that are reputable to buy from on the west coast California . I live in WA state again ty for all your help

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You can check on the Resource Page for sites. A lot of people like Nicotine River, Ecigexpress, Bull City Vapor, GremlinDIY, and Wizard Labs to name a few.


Ecigexpress is in WA. You should get an order within 4-6 days of ordering when you order on a Thursday or Friday.