Help or advice on CBD

Hi don’t know if anyone can help a friend of mine has advised me to try cbd in a vape for my pain but heard mix messages as some say it’s safe some say it can cause more health issues vaping so could do with some guidance please

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Never heard of health issues with CBD (from known grade manufacturers) in vaping, the only issue could and I say Could… be, if you’re allergic to either PG or VG, nothing else really.
The other that I can think of, is tolerance… if you have to find out “your” right amount before increasing the quantity.
The last one could be, taste… not everybody likes the taste, it could be harsh, specially to non smokers, just add a flavour of your choice.
A part from that I can’t see any issues, just read inform yourself and buy 1st grade from proved manufacturers.

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Please make sure not to vape actual cbd/hemp oil or add this type to your e liquid. That type is not meant for vaping. Tons of great info within these threads:

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First off. Welcome to the forum. There is lots of good info on the forum that is worth reading. “Safe” is term not to be taken lightly. As mentioned above there are some things to avoid.

Since I am not an expert I know there is ton of great info in these threads.

Are you already a vaper? If not, then why start? Don’t get me wrong, I love vaping but it’s a means to not smoke for most of us. For some it can even be a way to satisfy the sweet tooth and therefore not over eat. Vaping in general is 95% safer than smoking but the jury is still out on the effects on otherwise healthy non-smokers.

Back to CBD though, I use this as well for pain but I prefer an oral tincture. A dozen or so drops under the tongue will be absorbed much more effectively. I do have a vape flavor with CBD to add a boost to the drops but like I said if you’re not already vaping, why bother with it?

So I guess, can you be more specific? Are you looking for advice on how to mix it yourself or just about whether or not you should try it at all?


Hi Hobbit. :slight_smile:

I too use an oral solution as i find that, for me, it is more effective when taken sublingual, under the tongue. The product i buys is a full spectrum product, meaning it has other helpful cannabinoids and next to no THC. It is hemp oil based so it tastes a bit like chewing on a pot stem which is something that i very much enjoy tho many people dont.

Vaping it i find more effective for anxiety than pain. CBD, in general, seems to work best on pain that stems from inflammation, for me.


Hi Ken! :smile: It’s been a while! Did you guys get flooded? (Derailed)



Actually CBD products are very helpful for health issues, but it is very necessary that you have to use it in limit not as addicted. In these days, many youngsters are taking the CBD or marijuana products with combination of tobacco. I am sure this way of using is very dangerous, it may cause of cancer. So It my advice you please take it as Medicine not as drugs. Thanks :slight_smile: