HELP! Organic Liquid? Ideas!

Ok SO I was wanting to try and make a completely ORGANIC Juice. How Do I do this?!! Any comments, Suggestions, Ideas, whatever would be GREATLY Appreciated!
Much Love,
PinkHippie <3

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Star with Medicine Flower flavorings i would guess. They are expensive but they are pure extracts so they are very potent. Essential Depot has USP Kosher NON-GMO Vegetable Gylcerin, doesnt say organic or not. None of the organic glycerin’s i found here USP and were soy based which is controversial for consumption, especially for men.

Hope that helps to get you started.

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If glycerine is chemically pure (like USP implies) then it is pure and it doesn’t matter how it was produced. But when it’s not… Well, you don’t want to vape anything impure. And organic.

I just made my first 2 mixes and I used Mccormick flavoring and 100% vg it is really thick how do I thin it out a little bit and how long should I let it steep

Steeping time depends on what was mixed up. As for thinning the juice, you can either add PG, distilled water, vodka or PGA (pure grain alcohol).