Help please anyone?

Hi I’m new to start doing my own juices and it might sound like a stupid question but on the recipe were it says (desired mixing percentage) what does that part mean?? Please and thanks


Are you trying to mix a recipe or make a one shot?


I see the recipe your making is a one shot. Cancel and start again. Create new recipe.


If your intent is to create a one-shot:
After you have mixed in all your individual flavorings listed, you will then take that mixture and mix your VG/PG/Nic with 10% of that.
Example: You want to make 60ml of juice. You will mix 6ml of your one-shot flavor mixture (10%), to your desired mix of PG and VG and add your Nicotine (if any).
Hope that helps


The flavour % is for when you are creating a recipe, mostly. So, my recipe is 3%Strawberry, 2% cream, and 1% biscuit. I go to the “create recipe” page, dial in the numbers and wollah, it tells me how much (in grams) to add, plus how much PG/VG and how much nicotine, depending on the % of nic you want. I don’t mix one shots, but I believe they tell you what % to mix at. So if it says mix at 10%, where it says “add flavour” put the name of your one shot, then 10%, and this wonderful site does all the calculations for you, and tells you how much pg/vg to add to it, (don’t forget to put % of nicotine in). It’s fairly self explanatory once you get the hang of it. Hope this helps. Good luck. Oh, I think what you are after is the % of the pg/vg ratio. So do you want your mix to be 60/40,70/30,50/50, 80/20? Just dial in the numbers and the site does everything for you.


Hi sorry for the confusion buti just wanted to know what do I put into this box were it says {Desired mixing percentage 10%


The page you have in the screenshot is not for making a new recipe.

That’s for taking a highly concentrated mix of flavor concentrates (at your desired percentage) to use to dilute into a base solution of vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, and nicotine (if desired) in order to make a ready to vape mix.

To answer your question, it depends on how strongly you want your final product… I wouldn’t recommend more than 10%.

@Lostmarbles answered your question admirably.

If you are looking to adjust a recipe you found, select the option to adapt this not the one shot option…

If you’re looking to create your own, then click the link at the top left “Create Recipe”.


@Dave106 welcome I’d just like to say no question is stupid we are all here to help one and other :slightly_smiling_face: