Help please! Cannot create a flavor I enjoy vaping! Good flavor combo?

Okay, so I finally ordered all the ish…
I got a gallon of VG, 120ml of 100mg Nic, and 16 extracts from Liquid Barn.

Now, I am having a hell of a hard time making anything worth vaping. Most aren’t really tolerable, but a couple have been doable. I want to make a flavor that I just love, and can’t stop smelling/tasting!
I love taffy man, rocket man, looper…unicorn milk, police man…ring drops, yada yada…

Here’s the flavors I got: All from Liquid Barn -
Pacific cooler
Blue raspberry
Pink lemonade
Rainbow sherbert
Pineapple sherbert
Strawberry cheesecake
Green apple
Lava cake

Bakers touch
Snicker doodle
Fresh cream
Cream brulee
Belgian waffle
Coconut milk

If you guys could help me at all on which of these flavors go good together & amounts? I think that’s where I have the most trouble is amounts, I make 30ml bottles at a time. I’ve done 5% to 20% depending on how many extracts, I’ve put up to 6ml of a extract in a 30ml before…?

I’m just so lost. And any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Have you tried starting with single flavor mixes yet? If not, I recommend looking up your flavors in the calculator and finding what people like for their single favor %s. Start there and you’ll get a good feel for what each flavor tastes like. Make enough of each that you can test as a shake and vape and also every few days or so to get a good feel for how they develop over time.

Also, you said you like Taffy Man, you might be interested in this thread. :slight_smile:

Yeah I already read that entire thread haha that’s how I came upon this forum & signed up, was that taffy man post I googled it :ok_hand:t2: I love taffy man. Absolutely love it, but a 30 last me like 8-12 hours.
Have done a single flavor (green apple, blueberry, & pacific cooler) all 3 came out way to strong & alcholey? Maybe LBs flavors just suck? Lol

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You mention that you bought all your flavors from Liquid Barn. Did you buy / choose these specific flavors based on a recipe you want to try or just because they sounded good when you read them?

Let’s take a look at a recipe for example (you mention that you like unicorn milk)


Ingredient %
Butter Cream (CAP) 1.5
Graham Cracker v1 (CAP) 0.5
New York Cheesecake (CAP) 0.5
Sweet Cream (CAP) 1.5
Sweet Strawberry (CAP) 8.5
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (CAP) 1
Vanilla Custard v1 (CAP) 3

Flavor total: 16.5%

Remember to rate it at!

If you look at the flavors used in this recipe (one of the highest rated on this site) all of these are from Capella. You would be unable to make this using your LB flavors.

I would suggest searching for a recipe you like and clicking on the ratings link to sort by the highest rated. You could then get the exact flavors in that recipe and try it yourself.

Since you already have some flavors, have you entered those into your flavor stash? If you enter them correctly (in this format: Flavor Name (Brand) ) you can then click on “What can I make?” to get a list of recipes that only contain flavors that you have.

Another suggestion is to go to the flavor list page and find each of your flavorings and read the notes, suggested mixing percentages and get some starting points for creating a recipe of your own.
For example:
Pacific Cooler (LB)
Average mixing quantity: 6.1% (Median: 5%)
Average quantity: 6% (Median: 6.0%) <— (single flavor recipes)
Amy*** 85 % VG 15% PG At 10% stand alone SnV it is still a little weak. I have it as a max vg in this test and I have this flavor as all vg but probably should be selected as other. I get a berry mix but it is faint
Second test is 10% flavor and 10% pg but it is a VGD flavor it is much better than the first test still not sure what actual flavor I’m tasting it’s coming off to me as berry mix with some strawberry notes maybe. I wouldn’t use this as a stand alone. It does seem like it would be a good mixer in a champagne or cream mix. I like the flavor it is hard to describe other than berry fruity mix.
You can also see the public recipes that use this flavor.
Here is one that you could make, though I have no idea how it is.

Fruit gusher

Ingredient %
Blue Raspberry (LB) 5
Pacific Cooler (LB) 3

Flavor total: 8%

Remember to rate it at!
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Yeah, I just ordered them randomly. I will look up more, and buy the correct flavors/brands to make my desired clones.

In that 30 seconds it took me to read your post good sir, I have learned more than I know about mixing all together. Haha so I thank you again! That sounds good looking at the flavors I have specifically, and branch off into recipes that people have already explored on. How do I get to that…? Flavor stash?

It is all on the main section of this site.

The drop down under User in the top right corner

I ordered flavors from them too to start and I have one flavor I use as my every day vape it’s their strawberry cheesecake

The way I do it is to think of things I like. I took wifey to a mothers day champagne brunch and they had champagne and prosecco. with a variety of fruts on the table to put in with the glass and a few purees as well. I had a nectarine Bellini (prosecco and pureed nectarine with another piece of nectarine in it it was so good. I came home and came up with this idea ordered the flavors and by the end of the week had three Bellini recipes
TFA Nectarine 6
FA Lime Tahiti .5
TFA Champagne 8
CAP Juicy Orange 2
TFA Peach 2
TFA Apricot 2

Just think back through life to the desserts or drinks that you like and go look at Nicotine River or somewhere like that they carry so many flavors more than likely you can get the flavors needed to create something. Start with low percentages and work up to where you want it.

Hello and welcome ! I am going to say this right off the bat…your guna need more flavors from other vendors while LB has some great bakery flavors a large majority of their fruits leave a lot to be desired. You may not achieve a desirable fruity juice from them.

However, the Lava cake is good all on it’s own if you want to try it as a stand alone and then once you test it you may feel you’d like to add an additional flavor like the fresh cream and then the Baker’s touch ect.

If you continue to make large 30 mls testers you’ll run out of supplies. Try to start out with 5-10 mls test batches it will save your resource and don’t add the nicotine until your sure you like it since it’s the most expensive item.

Here is a good place to start on recommended flavors

Here is some flavors testings on tasting notes on LB

Start with learning your flavors, learn to starting ratios so you don’t use too much or too little of the concentrate it makes a huge difference.

It can seem overwhelming but we were all there at one point and we’re here for ya !


I’ve come across this comment many, many times and have to say I really disagree with it. (respectfully though sister :grinning:)
I buy my nicotine in the Netherlands where it is way more expensive than US vendors selling it for.
I pay 60 euro for 500ml 100mg/ml nicotine. If I buy flavours the cheapest 100ml bottle is around 22 euro and upward depending on the flavour. That is at least a 110 euro for 500ml. The amount of flavour I use in a recipe exceeds the amount of nicotine I use, so really the flavours are the most expensive ingredient of DIY. Not adding nicotine to a new recipe until you know if you like it or not will save you some money if you have to chuck it, but the calculation of costs is flawed
Unfortunately it is not possible to try out a new recipe without adding the flavours :laughing:


I find it to be an “old” way of thinking (2 years being ancient history in the field of vapeology). Before sub-ohm when someone would mix an 18mg batch the cost was a bit more significant. I think nic has gotten cheaper too, while flavoring has stayed about the same - at least in the US, anyway.


I think there is a balance of thought. I add my nic because I don’t want to screw around with juices that don’t have nic vs have the nic…and doing something dumb like adding double.

The other part is that, even though it is supposed to be flavorless to me it’s there…it affects the mix, so when I test it needs to be there Atleast mentally.

And as a funny that I learned today…
I apparently can’t do double the nic or three times the nic. I mixed up a recipie with 6mg nic and omg…throat hit. Jerzer. But I had to test it prior to giving to a friend to try. But from here on out 1.5mg is enough for me.


I still find it wasteful to dump nicotine down the drain regardless of its value, I hear what you & @zigz mean & it works for ya but this OP is brand new & has stated he’s makes 30mls @ a time already that would make me think … Why add the nicotine until your sure that way resources are saved also make smaller batches that way he/she has the time & resources to continue to practice with.


Yup, and the older your base is the more “flavorful” it gets. :frowning:

I’d rather just have my nic in there already and have something I can vape for a nic fix, even if the taste is less than ideal, but I hardly dump anything. I just vape my mistakes, often mixed together or tweaked in some stupid unrepeatable way, so maybe my advice should be taken with a big grain of salt! And then there’s the “it affects the taste” argument. shrug I don’t think either way is wrong, it’s just a choice.

But on batch size, I agree 100%. I almost never do more than 10 ml with a new (to me) flavoring or untested recipe. Heck, the only reason I don’t do 5 ml batches is some of the smaller percentages get really hard to measure under 10 ml.