Help please - Flavor Concentrates

G’day Guy’s,

Rustdust here from Down Under, completely new to the ELR Calculator/Forum and have just been setting up my profile.

I just had a shipment of flavor concentrates arrive today and have added them to my “Stash” of which most are CAP, FW, TPA/TFA brand flavors. What I am unsure about is if I click on any of the flavors listed in my 'Stash" it asks me to add additional information like; bottle size, cost, and more importantly PG/VG base or other. Do I need to input this data for each flavor so that my recipe mix is accurate or is it automatic. I am mainly questioning the PG/VG aspect of my flavor stash.

I have bought about a dozen different flavors and some specify on the website that they are suspended in PG and some don’t mention PG…again do I have to make sure this is accurate before I start making juice?

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That info is not necessary for the calculator to be accurate. The calculator default all flavor weight to 1ml = 1gm . You can change the default to manufacturers specific gravity in your profile if you like.

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I was actually typing up basically the same response you just got from @Pro_Vapes but he beat me to it!!! Welcome to the forum!

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Most flavorings are PG-based, the rest of the info just gives you more info, like the actual cost of your mix :smile: ELR works with just basic info when you just add a flavor and do nothing more :smile:

OK thanks guys. …

Where is the best place to store my Flavor Concentrates … In the fridge ?

I store mine at room temp - I have flavorings a year old that are still fine! Fridge is probably OK though :smile: Be sure to keep them in an air tight container :wink: