Help please on the website!

Hello diyers

I wanted to know if it is possible to :

  • put the flavor i own in my account
  • then search receipes with MY aromas ?

(i saw that on 99juices but not here)

Thank you

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Yes, go to your flavor stash and and your flavors. Be sure to pick the flavors with the most recipes (the flavors with the highest number of recipes attached). After that you can use the “What can I make”-button, which will show you only recipes that you can make.

Also check out the guide to ELR!


Yup, go to the recipes page and click “User” drop down menu. Then select “My flavor stash”. Type the name of your flavors into the “Add flavor” cell and a list will pop-up underneath with the best possible match. Select the best match based on use then click “Add”.


The answers to your questions are yes and yes.

On the recipe side of this site, go to User > My Flavor Stash ( to add your flavors. Make sure to click the Save button when you add one.

Next, go to User > What Can I Make ( From here you will see a list of recipes using your flavors.

I’d recommend sorting the list by rating so you won’t make a dud like one of my recipes. (

EDIT: Well shit looks like everyone beat me to it.


Thank you very much daath !!!

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Beat me by a millisecond… :laughing:


The good thing is all these responses is an indication of how people are on this forum. Everyone here likes to help which I know has made my mixing life a lot easier.


Thank you very much vapers :heart:
It was very simple and i found 177 recipes !


You know what would be fabulous. If I could scan my invoice if flavors and it would just auto load. :wink:

Or I could convince someone to enter all my flavors.


i have just take my invoice to check my aromas
Impossible to know every single arome by heart !