Help Please! Recipes "Not Found"

Some of my recipes are coming up as “Not Found” when I click on the link, through My Page.

I use the recipes to keep track of what I made and when, to keep that particular batch unique, so I can duplicate or tweak another batch. So once I make a recipe, I will use a name like:
Stellar Strawberry (Code-Vape) SSV1 (Made 60ml 8/21/16)

However, when I click on the link for that recipe I get the error message:

Not Found
The requested URL /index.php/recipe/773263/Strawberry+Shortcake+Bar+1.25x+(Made+60ml+7/23/16) was not found on this server.

It seems to be happening only to those recipes with titles in this format, because my “original” version,
Strawberry Shortcake Bar 1x (Made)
Links fine. That is, I can get to the recipe and it displays in the browser.

I am 10-for-10 getting errors with the long format, and 10-for-10 getting the page with the short format. Note that these errors are happening with both Firefox and Chrome. Also note that these all had no issues about 2 or 3 days ago when I last checked using Firefox.

Help Please!

@JoJo is the person you need to speak to dude :+1:


Thanks Pugs. Since you pinged her(?), she’ll be along when she can.

It seems to be due to the slashes in the dates. I used “8-27-16” and that worked, whereas “8/27/16” caused a "Not Found error.

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You’re not the first to have this issue. I think it is the / in the recipe titles that are causing issues right now. Try manually going in and entering the url or just remove everything after the ID number. Then try altering the title to remove the /.

Also, at the bottom of “My Page” is a section for feedback. Copy and paste this there and it will get sent to @daath. This seems like a relatively new occurrence and he should know about it going on.

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Thanks JoJo. I’ll give both a whirl.

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sorry man,I don’t know why but I thought you were new, was just tryin to help I thought you might not of known who JoJo was.

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The index.php part looks suspicious. It looks like something I did last night with securing the sign-up and login pages with encrypted pages. I will investigate. Your recipes are safe! :slight_smile:

EDIT: I can’t reproduce it. The problem seems to be that your links contain /index.php - if you remove that it works…

I’m just clicking on the recipe name on My Page.

Copying the link from the browser’s field, it’s:

No “index.php”. That is getting displayed as part of the error message.

Edit: Huh. If I add “/index.php” into the browser’s URL field, it works.

Goddamn “/” characters Bain of any UNIX admins existence!!

Goddam shortage of “” characters is the bane of any UNIX admin’s existence.

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Hmm it seems @Hjwindsor has a point. It’s probably the / in the dates. When encoded like in the link above, it’s messes things up…


I am new. I know I’ve seen JoJo’s name around, but not enough to realize that I should’ve pinged her.

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Yes, it is. The last recipe I edited got “8-27-16” and it’s fine.
The slashes have worked until recently.

It is definitely the ascii codes for / and , though it seems like you’ve got that figured out at this point

possibly the slash not being interpreted as part of the string somewhere I would guess presumably php code is not passing it as a literal string as / is used to escape stuff normally… I think.

Other way. \ escapes in Unix. So \\ is a real backslash, and / is a real slash. But since a slash is part of a filename, it should be escaped to /.

Edit: I had to type \ \ \ to get 2 to display. I love this stuff. Not.

Escaping a slash character is now code for going for a wee where I work :joy:

Try reloading “My page” again - it should work now…

I wonder if my changes have consequences I can’t see right now… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yay it works!!!

All code changes have consequences we can’t see immediately. If we wrote perfect code then most of us would be out of jobs. And everyone in software QA.

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