Help please with Nicotine

Hi guys I have upgraded from my Kanga Emow mega to a Kanga sub box mini, I currently have all my juices in 18mg lots of them most are store bought brands like cosmic fog etc, I’m just starting to dabble with diy but obviously would like to use my purchased juice too…however I have just found out that 18mg is too much for my sub box as it will most likely make me sick so if that’s the case what do I do with my juices can I duilte them with VG? Or can I vape with anyway but on low wattage?

Make a no nic version of the mix at the same amount. Then combine the two… You’ll have a 9 mg mix. I had the same problem when I started to Subohm. As long as it’s the 50/50 than your nic will be half.
If you need it to be 6mg Nic then make it no nic 2 to 1.
If you need it to be 12mg Nic then make it 2 to 1 the opposite way.
You basically can use the original mix as 18mg nic when making the same mix. I would do a small amount 1st and see which you can vape.


Since you’re going to be messing with vendor juices, you might have to try, like @NewDrip said, making a no nic version to mix with the 18mg one. The problem may come that the two don’t play well together. You could dilute it with VG, but you’re going to wind up diluting the flavor as well. If you can vape it like that, great. You could use some of the juices as your “nicotine” in recipes. I’ve done that before and just made a recipe that was similar.

You can try building (or using) a higher ohm coil, lowering the wattage, and closing up the air flow some so that you mouth-to-lung inhale. That should theoretically cut down on the amount of nicotine you’re getting. I just upgraded to a 50w box and a kanger subtank and I’ve found that the 1.2 ohm coil at around 14w on the smallest air hole to be tolerable with mouth-to-lung. It’s a little warm and sharp, though. The first thing I used was a Magma 1.06 @ 16w and that was a good mouth inhale…better than the Subtank because it was cooler.

Good luck! I hope you find a solution that lets you enjoy the juices you bought. :smile:

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Get enough 0. Mg of. The same flavor. To dilute your nicotine to the level you can vape. Pour it together and shake it up teal good.


I have been using both mouth to lung and sub tanks side by side for some time.
Its not just the Nicotine that will get you on the Subtank the PG will also hit the throat hard if is 40% or more.
I personally prefer desert vapes in my Beyond Vape Silos (mouth to lung) 60%VG 20mg
In both Kanger Mini and Smok Gimlet Sub Tanks I vape at 80% VG 6mg
If you still have your Kanga Emow mega it may be worth chugging through your existing juices on that.
DIY will not only save you money but will let you tune your juices your intended setup.

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That seems a good easy way of getting through my existing juices