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Continuing the discussion from SMOK XCube II Titanium TCoR Setup Issues:

Cross-posting this in case someone else is having the same issues.

I can only get Ti to work if I use the app to select Titanium…I can not change to Ti on the mod itself. Here are the steps (in order) I use to get Ti to work on my X Cube II:

  1. Check resistance on Ohm meter

  2. I have to fire the Cube with no atty on it and get the “check atomizer” message. This seems to reset it; and it is the only way I can reliably have it give me the “new coil?” message. To which I say Y.

  3. Turn on bluetooth on the mod.

  4. Open app, select Titanium in settings (the scroll selection bar at the bottom of the settings screen-click confirm,) then the checkmark in the upper right hand corner. The checkmark seems to ‘send’ the Ti selection to the mod.

  5. Go to settings on the mod, and titanium should be selected. (don’t try to toggle it between Ni and Ti, it won’t revert back to Ti from Ni unless you go through the app again). l then go into settings, Mode, Temp, Ti, I leave the TCoR at the default(.00350), and DC for dual coil.

  6. Go into settings and set the resistance manually to the resistance you found on your Ohm meter.

  7. Adjust the temperature until you get a satisfying vape. (for me this is between 450 - 550, with a preferred ‘sweet spot’ of 480 degrees.)

There are probably different ways of achieving the same thing, but these are the steps I use and I haven’t had any problem with any of my 3 RDAs that have dual Ti builds.

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I did get one of my old Goliaths to work. It has a .22 ohm build in it. Maybe it doesn’t read below a certain ohm level…?

these specs say. 06 is the lowest for temp control…

If your mod is like the Koopor which I think the chip is, you should have a Soft, Normal, and Hard with this setting. Actually looking at the app, you have a Minimum and a Maximum as well. Basically this setting is for different ranges of Output Wattage usage. Being the XCube has more wattage than the Koopor you have those extra settings I do not. Think of the settings as warm, warmer, Hot, Hotter, Hottest!!!

Do you have the mini Koopor? Just got mine and lovin it, It’s a battery eater!


Yes, I have one for personal and 4 in the shop. I like it quite a bit. Don’t use it near as much as my IPV4s so can’t really say what kind of battery life I’m getting. I’m guessing I would get a half a day out of a battery with the Crown tank I use…

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Getting about 5 hours with I Sub G and Crown tank with 0.5 coils at 30w and 42w in both, that’s not very long. Have you found any upgrades or web site to upgrade from for the KP mini?

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I honestly have no idea what version software it has and being so do not know if it even needs to be upgraded. I wish I had more time to mess with it but I honestly don’t. Once I found out I needed a Bluetooth connection I put anything to do with upgrade and the like on the back burner…