Help Plz 3mg nic Base

So I purchased a 3mg mixing base thats 100vg. Now I am actually mxing a recipe and it’s time to add the vg and I just confused myself bad

Am i actually replacing all the vg in the recipe with this VG base (and that will give me approx 3gm nic)?
If this is true then setting nic AND strength to 0 in recipe is correct right?

I might have screwed up ordering this, since i also ordered 2L or VG
Whatever I did, Im certainly lost now


@Lexie3 I’m not sure if I understand all of your questions, but the first I do. If you purchased 3mg 100VG NIC, and are mixing, it is VERY possible, that you may NOT have to ADD any further VG, because there is so much of it, in your NIC solution. As far as if it will come out to 3mg NIC after you’re done DEPENDS on your mix percentages. Here is where it gets a little confusing, so bear with me.

Technically, if you filled an ENTIRE 30ml bottle with JUST your 3mg 100VG NIC solution it WOULD be 3mg after mixing. I mean, you can technically NEVER get higher than 3mg NIC with your NIC solution. What is probably going to happen however, is that you will NOT be filling the entire bottle with JUST your NIC solution, which means that any amount of PG or flavorings you add, will REDUCE the final amount of NIC in your mix.

I have never mixed with anything less than 100mg NIC, and I always mix for a final 3mg target, so depending on my bottle sizes, I add more or less NIC depending. I might suggest purchasing a higher level of NIC next time, so you will be able to hit your 3mg NIC target after you add PG and flavorings.


What he said :point_up_2:

Here’s an example with 10% flavour - finished strength will be 2.7mg/ml.

You’ll have to play around with the ‘desired strength’ box to stop calculator giving you an error message :grin:


Ok I think I got it ty. I know my mix will be under 3 mg nic a bit, and that’s ok .I guess where I messed up was thinking I was also adding plain old VG with no nic in it to all recipe’s in ADDITION to vg based nic . Now if I understand correct, i will never use plain VG unless i get a higher nic concentrate and i want a lower amount in a juice… is this correct? Or unless i want no nic at all i guess too

So silly to get so confused all of a sudden.
Thx session I appreciate it!

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@Lexie3 YES, you probably ARE NOT going to have to ADD any VG, as you will already have a lot of it in your mix, JUST by adding your NIC mixture.

Be CAREFUL when setting your NIC levels, as always. I’m not 100% sure I know what you meant, but let’s find out. There are only TWO places you ALWAYS should have your NIC levels entered.

I always mix with the same desired 70V/30P target, as well as 3mg NIC target. I use only 100mg 100P NIC. You can choose the check box, and that will SAVE those values (or whatever you want) for the default for all your mixes…


Yes, that’s about right. Most of my flavors are PG based, and my NIC is all PG, so at times, when I’m mixing, sometimes I don’t have to add any PG because there’s so much already in the mix. This will most def. be true for you, for VG.


Thats why i was getting an error!! Thank you. Ok no more 3 mg base, this is a pain. I need to play with adapting a recipe i guess some more, because it wasnt telling me any pg to add either,
Thx Lolly!


No @Lexie3, not at all. You were VERY smart to ask, confused or not. When your dealing with NIC levels, and you are having any issues, confusion, or whatever, always ASK before you mix. Many helpful people here, and we’d much rather answer questions, than have someone ASSUME they got it right, and end up with a much higher or dangerous level of NIC in their mix.

Keep the questions coming…


Thank you for that. I really do appreciate all the help

Ok so i understand now to enter my desired strength below 3 mg and more like 2.6 as @Lolly pointed out.
What is still not working for my is why the calculator on site isnt putting any pg numbers in their for me when i also stated i wanted 70/30 mix

I was trying to do this recipe Check cookies
and thought i would do 70 30 for it and try it out rather than 25/70 as the poster did.

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Is this what you mean petal?


If your not concerned with what your final nic percent is going to be, then you can enter your desired strength as 0 and then enter your desired vg/pg ratio. I use 3 mg nic in 100% vg base and make most of my recipes at 70/30 or 80/20, I don’t care how much nic I have as long as it’s 3 mg or below, so when I mix the recipe at 0 nic I just use my 3 mg nic vg as the main vg in the recipe, makes life super simple for me, ymmv.


@Lexie3 @Lolly I saw what happened. If you leave it at a 3mg NIC target, and even try to manipulate the VG/PG the calc goes error. Like lolly said, 2mg give or take it comes out.

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This is exactly what i mean. Thanks @Lolly . This is prefect and now i will go find out what i did because mine didnt give me any pg to add. I was about to grab camera and take a pic to show you all, but Ill just compare your now

absolutely perfect idea for me too. I will do this for sure. Im sure it will always come out to 2-3 mg of nic , i dont care at all. I vape a ton so Ill get my needs haha

@SessionDrummer ty ty you are ‘da man’ for making me understand

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I started doing it that way cause I didn’t like seeing that red line across the bottom of the calculator lol and I don’t have to mess with the desired strength if i switch my vg/pg ratio, I even mix some super concentrate flavors max vg so it’s like 3% flavor and 97% vg for when I might need a little more nic, even have one of my rda’s set up for it too with higher power coils so if I can only get a couple puffs in at least they are big puffs with as much nic as I can get in it lol


I know that feeling, I bought 3 120ml of one of my fav juices and somehow they are all Omg nic. I just cant do without nic but i have some 50mg phix pods, i will hit a few times, choke my brains out, and go back to my omg fav in my mod lol

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