Help Rebuilding coils it tastes terrible an don't know why

Anyone know what I’m doing wrong was at the local vape shop an I seen some cotton an wires an i reminder i seen a video of people Rebuilding aspire bvc coils so I figured I’d give it a try I finally built one that pulls good an is sitting at 1.4 oms figured that was close enough to the 1.8 I was shooting for and it tastes like a shit nothing like the juice I I put a in I’m Japanese cotton sheets an Kanthal 26gage I have a big zip lock bag full of used coils am I using the wrong wire what is even in a bvc I thought it was Kanthal I don’t know if it’s the cotton that is giving it a bad taste an should the loops of the coil sup to be close together touching or not touching one video said they should an the other said they shouldn’t i just started vaping an mixing and to much more for not knowing what I’m doing cig I try to save a lil well I’m about to take it down IV bin trying to get this right for hours with no luck so if anyone replies I’ll see it in the a.m thanks


I’ve noticed an extremely funky flavor from Kanthal coils until going through about a tank of juice. It’s metallic with another weird flavor on top of it.


keep in mind cotton has a break in period where it taste a little funky sometimes so give it a good 15 to 20 pulls and all should be well


Yea it’s kinda tastes like the way the cotton smells I can’t even taste the juice do u think the coils should be tight together or spreed apart


I’ve tried to rebuild the BVC coils a number of times. I’ve never been successful. I know there are a number of YouTube videos on it. I tried doing it with vertical coils, like the factory coil. It seemed like it was either juice starved and would start to dry out and scorch, or would flood, gurgle, and spit. Never found the happy medium.

I know of a couple of people that have had success doing the coils horizontally, similar to the Joytech CLR coils. If you find success, I’d love to know your method.

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Didn’t know if I should have bin useing like a 28 or a 30 Gage I figured the 26 looked the same but I don’t think the wire would make it taste like that it has to be the cotton

It’s almost like I’m smoking the cotton but not a burnt tast its strange

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If I had to guess, I wouldn’t think that it’s a wire issue. I’d lean more to wick packing / tightness / juice flow as the culprit. Just a guess though.


That’s my guess too. If the cotton is too tight, the juice won’t flow into it correctly and you’ll get a burnt flavor.


if your still getting bad taste after breaking in the cotton id go with what @VapeyMama and @d_fabes said

Which Aspire tank (assuming it’s an Aspire) are you using? I found a video for the Aspire Nautilus rebuild, using a horizontal coil, that looked easy. Now that I’ve had a couple cups of coffee, my interest in this project is piqued. Isn’t caffeine a wonderful thing?

I got out my supply of coil carcasses and parts from some old Nautilus Mini BVC coils, and I think a horizontal build should be easy. The trick is going to be in blocking off the 2 unused juice holes, so the juice doesn’t run down into the base and flood it. The base has a press fit inner thing (pardon the technical terms) that has 2 tabs on it that ‘almost’ cover the holes, from the inside. I can still see some open space that would allow juice to leak into the base, from the unused holes. Still trying to figure that one out.

Edit: That video was for the Aspire Atlantis tank, different coil.

My personal experience is that if you use too much cotton, it’s going to mute flavors and give you a bad cotton taste. Try and use a little less.
Finding the right amount of cotton to use is a bit of a learning curve, and something you may go through again depending on which brand of cotton or which material you’re using.

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A couple of things that helped me when I first started building my own coils(I used to rebuild the Kanger OCC coils for my SubTank and had some of the same issues)

  1. Did you clean the wire before wrapping the coil? Most kanthal I’ve used has a good amount of grease still on it from the drawing process. Whenever I build with kanthal, I take a paper towel dampened with some isopropyl alcohol and wipe the wire until no grey streaks are left on the paper towel

  2. Did you torch the kanthal coil before inserting it into the coil body? Again, kanthal can give off a funky taste the first few times it is heated, so using a torch to heat the coil for 3-5 seconds helps get rid of that “funk” (For wont of a better word)

  3. Did you wash your hands well(And rinse them too!) before handling the cotton wick? The cotton used for wicking coils is very adept at drawing oils from your skin. When going at wicks with grubby booger hooks(AKA fingers/hands) any of the dirt, oil and other smegma that has accumulated on your fingers is going to go straight into that wick. Then, no matter how well you lay that wick, your beloved juice is going to taste like fumunda cheese.

Those are my two(THREE!) cents. Hope it helps, as there is nothing that quite compares to vaping on your own coils when they work well. Good Luck-Cheers!

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Yeah there the bvc coils for the Nautilus 2 I pulled the bottom out an broke off the two tabs an put the coil down a lil more till the holes where covered do u know if I should rap the coils tight to gather so they all touch or just the first two raps an space the rest out

I’m using Japanese cotton sheets that’s all it says on the bag it’s unbleached an untreated is 26 gauge good will that mess with the taste

If it says nothing more than that, it’s most likely Muji. It’s the cotton of preference for a lot of people and probably the most common organic Japanese cotton on the market. You just have to experiment a bit with the amount you use in your wick.

I’d say cut off some strips of cotton of slightly different widths. Check out the result and stick to what you prefer.

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