Help to find a concentrate

can anyone help me find the concentrate Malaysia Double Mango (FSA/CBE) in the uk?


This reads like a custom entry to me…

Meaning, they imply that you can mix the recipe with either CBE (which is Cloud Burst Effects) or with FSA (which the Brand Abbreviation list shows as “Flavour World S.A. (South African Manufacturer)”)

Noting that Flavour World also has other plants/points of distribution, you should be able to sub any Flavour World source with the same matching flavor name.

I’m uncertain of any other uses of FSA at the moment, but maybe this will help get you started.

As always, someone else may be able to shed additional light on things, so stay tuned!

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I cannot help: fruit flavours are not my thing at all.

In which case not creating this reply would’ve been ther better option but there you go, it’s done now.