Help using maple flavor

I am looking for for cake/cupcake recipes that use maple or maple syrup


Here’s one I made for a friend but never posted…

Maple Syrup FA .8%
Pound Cake FLV 1%
Yellow Cake JF 1.5%
Frosting FLV .8%
Meringue FA .6%


Not a recipe, but FLV Cupcake Batter is exactly what you are looking for; tastes like maple syrup. Not for me but perhaps you might have a good use for it.


This recipe has my mouth watering! I can’t wait to try it, THX


Thx for this excellent recipe! I did tweek it with 0.20mg stevia in 30ml mix, now my sweet tooth is happy😃


Thx! I used it in a simple vanilla cupcake recipe with TFA maple syrup and it’s my Favorite now😃

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I prefer TPA Maple the other 2 (Maple Syrup and Deluxe) contain PG whereas the Maple is water and Ethyl Alcohol and for my tastebuds it’s the more authentic taste and a lot smoother in the finished flavour than the PG version.

Too much as a standalone though in finished flavour for me, but in recipes tend to use it up to 3% any higher and it will really dominate the finished mix. Tend to stick around the 1-2% most of the time

I also try to let some of the alcohol evaporate first as well by letting the finished concentrate mix stand for at least a day in the bottle without the top on before adding the VG base, I find it helps as per the guy who created the recipe below explains, with the finished flavour as it makes it a little less harsh. But anything with maple in it needs a good steep anyway.

This is the recipe, that got me to appreciate how good the TPA Maple concentrate, can be if you allow it to steep for 3-4 weeks