Help w/Flavor DB (esp non-US people) and Weird Companies

Hey guys. Every once in awhile as I’m going through the database and merging dupes I’ll come across a “company” I’ve never heard of. I don’t wanna merge these into the wrong company if they really are from some place I’m unaware of.

The most recent: VIS/VS and L0 or sO5 ?

I’ve tried googling vis and flavors but all I could find is a food company.


Nothing I’m familiar with there :blush:


Never heard of them, it wasn’t me :innocent:


VIS seems to be another word for flavor ( or Aroma like is used here in Germany) used more in eastern Europe or… Romania,Russia, Ukraine… now there may be a certain company as well I just haven’t found it yet… still looking on the others…


I definitely feel your pain having tried to help curtail the “onslaught” with the database…

I wish there was a requirement for folks that use the database/recipe side to have a “required reading section” completed before they are allowed to interact with the “flavor- creation aspect”. Not even necessarily a requirement to interact/post in the forum (though that would always be nice), but simply a way for the new user to gain an understanding in some of the basic functionality aspects, etc.

The thing is, we would need (ideally) to have said section be multilingual (eg: English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, etc) and we’d probably need several forum members to step up to help translate (accurately) to do such a thing.

/sends it up the flagpole to see…

Perhaps making an ELR video series @daath?
(I think I like this idea best)


Like a very popular aroma company here in Germany is called Dark Burner yet they are not in the data base.

Yeah, me too.
Some of the flavors don’t even have a maker tag at all and I’ve always skipped those for dupe suggestions if I can’t find any info through a web search. I’m tempted to dupe them under my favorite brand of whatever the flavor is but I just leave them alone. Most of the questionable one I find are tagged back to a single user/single recipe or no recipe at all. I’m sure it’s tempting for someone with the power to delete entries to just get rid of them.

Could be:
VIS/VS = Vista as in Vista Vaper,Vapor Shots
L0 = LorAnn
sO5 = code for someone’s (author’s first initial) stone “05”

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Ugh. It’s not bad enough that I do it all the time with music (I relate everything to music…) but now with TV and movies too?!? ><

The first two things I think when I hear/read Vista, are automatically:

  • Vista Cruiser /That 70s show
  • Vista View /White Men Can’t Jump
    "There ain’t no Vista, and there ain’t no view… " (loosely paraphrased)

/end derail
Apologies. chuckles

@Ninatoad I think vis as meaning aroma is probably what it is. Thanks! It seems to always be used in conjunction with L0 or sO5. It seemed like vis was the company and l0 or sO5 were the lines, but I’m thinking maybe it just means “Such and Such Flavor” by L0 (@Brotherbob1, think you may be right with lorann). Still no clue what sO5 (or s05?) could be.

@Sprkslfly An overhaul will happen some day.
@Bikerdude I merge flavors that don’t have a company into the most popular company. Usually TPA but sometimes FA. I do the same to flavors that are marked with a distributor instead of a manufacturer. Before Wizard Labs and Nic River were even selling their “own” flavors, I’d see a lot of flavors that were marked like “Such and Such (Nic River)”.


@JoJo as for sO5 the most I am seeing is that it is a 5% solution. I am also finding it in a chemical reaction of ACETALDEHYDE (which is the chemical oxidation of ethanol) in brewing beer and fermenting wine but mainly wine so I am still a bit on the lost side on this as to which direction as both could be relevant but that is what I found.