Help w/ some tobacco's subs

Hi you all

I won’t make it long so will go straight to the point.
I can’t find any nicvape tobacco flavours in my country, although flv and inawera are available.
I’m trying to replicate a recipe that uses nicvape’s carolina tobacco and kentucky

It’s well noticeable he’s trying to get that peculiar nutty accent for the overral recipe taste.

I have the feeling he chooses the nicvape versions for the spot on nutty taste since they are very different from the flv and inw versions of the same flavours.
So my questions for you expertise tobacco heads ( i’m am so grateful i’ve found you ) are:
Are there any other tobacco flavours from flv, fa or inw that emulates ( or close to it ) the nicvape ones?
I don’t mind getting all kind of nutty tobacco flavours and single batch up them so i could find the answers by myself . And i probably will do so
But any guidance by the more experienced fellows in here would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Welcome to the forum @Danielpilha , hopefully someone will be able to help you.


Thanks Jim

I’m glad i’ve joined.


FLV Burley has a nutty taste to it …The FLV kentucky does not at least not to me


Tobaccos are pretty much all I mix, but I’m far from an expert.

INW 555 Gold is a nutty tobacco flavor. My all time favorite tobacco flavoring with a nutty note is Hangsen No. 5, but good luck finding that. Sounds like you may have to come up with a blend, or combination of flavors to get that flavor of the NicVape Carolina & Kentucky you’re looking for.

Maybe a FLV Kentucky Blend and some INW 555 Gold?

Good luck, and welcome to the group!


Nice to know. This one i can purchase


Thanks d_fabes

Yeah i lknew i would havw to improvise for that recipe
I was justing reading about the 555, and seems it has a hint of vanilla as well. My guess is that the author didn’t have this kind of after vanilla taste on the tobaccos flavors from nicvape. But 555 is one to consider .


I didn’t notice a vanilla note in the 555, but as they say taste is subjective. In my advanced state of decay (I’m 67), and 45 yrs of smoking,my taste buds may not be the best.

Flavor improvisation to find that elusive taste we’re looking for keeps it interesting!


For sure . I might not be very different from yours ex smoker tongue’s taste ability :slight_smile: . I’m not getting any yourger thou and i have 36 years of red marlboro on my shoulders as well.
As far as keep it interesting , for me thats is what this game is all about.
I will update soon on my reports



Welcome and glad you joined.


glory from flavour art is a nutty tobacco without vanilla


I was reading kinni’s review on the glory , and it makes his way in the next purchase list.
I have to say. It’s frustrating trying to emulate something you have never tastes before. I might say , it’s actually impossible.
That’s why i’m so relying on your guidance. And i’m really thankful for all the advices. I’m pretty sure i will come back with positive feedbacks from the first batches.


Glad you joined ELR,
@Danielpilha I partly agree (it’s easy to agree with them… ) with @delltrapp with FA Glory (some feel a hint of Vanilla and Caramel in it, I don’t), and with Doug @d_fabes with INW 555, can’t get nuttier then this, on my first SFT yrs ago I thought… a nut, not a tobacco, definitely the nuttiest of the bunch, but the tobacco note is very far behind… is it even there??
Personally I’d also try a sub with FA’s Soho, a Burley/Virgnia nutty mix with vanilla and caramel, can be pushed high even to 6-7% (I’d keep it at 2.5%) , so that answers your question grom my POV.

Other tobacco flavours rather then FA, FLV, or Inawera? If you add Hangsen you got the four best makers of “normal” Flavours.
The other route is NETs , Stixx Mixx, Black Note, La Tabaccheria, tons of them, but you’ll get a straight tobacco no nutty notes…
Off my brain went to Peterson’s Nutty Cut (A pipe tobacco) :rofl:

Now let’s do some Trivia and Vapefiction (I love that term I made up…) and let’s think about that Carolina Tobacco…
North Carolina mainly manufactures Flue Cured tobacco, flue curing makes a sweet, high sugars, high nicotine content and rich in tannins, but its main use was/is in: Cigarettes!!
What type of tobacco is famous for been flue cured and used in cigarettes? Virginia! (Now I sound like Monty Python) and particularly is known as VFC = Virginia Flue Cured. so at the end, might we be just looking for a good Virginia tobacco?
Don’t know if Inawera still makes their awesome “asolutes” (prob the Bulgarian supplier of tobacco concretes has given up, or Inawera changed formula/supplier… again!)
So the simple answer could be that the nutty bit is just the AP, and the Carolina can be subbed with a good Virginia of your choice, Flavorah, Inawera (has 4 types of virginias) or Hangsen, but it’s just Vapefiction…

BTW, I’d take that Koolada off… WS3 (Koolada is WS3 Perfumer’s Apprentice ( Menthol in a nutty mix???
I can understand the GC Clear for the “salty” bit, I can understand Cotton Candy/ EM, but being careful, Maltol is a muter, but useful in tobaccos.
Switch it to WS23, a coolant that’s not Menthol if you want a “fresh vape”


Just noticed and apologize, Kentucky at 8%??? holy shit… that’s the main note, not the nuts.
That’s not that easy, I mean, a young KY? an old KY? a young one has stallatic notes in it, an old one hasn’t.
I’d say push a Flavorah Kentucky blend high, like 3-4%, if you find La Tabaccheria 5%, or Stixx Mixx’s Kentucky Virginian 8% (Kentucky black might send it off profile)


You nailed it! Well said.


I appreciate all the thinking you’ve done on the subject.
Since i finish writing this post i’m reading everything i find avalible about flavors. I’m actually familiar with tobacco , at least real tobacco , i’m talking about the real plant. I grew up in a small ranch full of tobacco plantation. What i’m trying to get now is this fantastic world of tobacco flavours that i’ve never imagined was so complex. I see you’ve put some thoughts on the recipe , so did i. I agree with you about the carolina tobacco being sub with “the right” virginia flavor. It’s well understood that the recipe is going for a mild sweet tobacco taste ( at least that’s what i thought ). But i’ve found the recipe that the screenshot was taken , and for my deception , it’s a clone recipe , an attempt to reproduce famous tobacco e liquid. One i’m not real keen about.
But nothing is lost here , this exercise has being amazingly good for my knowledge improving.
One thing about the recipe and you have mention this as well, is the kentucky ratio in the recipe. I was trying to figure out whats the odds you’ve mention , usually kentucky ( not the real extract ) is described as bit spicy , mild and may or may not have sweet notes, with some brands even a tiny choco after taste is related. I hope i’m not being naive here but the nicvape version is very well reviewd for it’s real mild light tobacco taste , with no additional aromas. And now that i know what was the final goal with the recipe, that mainly is to replicate the famous liquid version of the light stink sticks ( the light version of the horse one ), i might have some findings:

This recipe is not about the nutty thing on the tobaccos , since carolina and kentucky version from nicvape are very peculiar. Kentucky from nicvape is very different from other brands, i’m not saying it’s better or worse as i gave never tried it . What i did was reading throught hundreds of reviews to find that the nicvape kentucky is very unique, very tobacco taste with no overpowered sweet or nutty aromas even at 8-12% and also that if combined with the carolina tobacco , it could result in the taste that a lot of fresh ex smokers are looking for when they start vaping. Is this case the emulated taste that i’ve mentioned above. One more addition to your thoughts and i fully agree with you is that caroline could be sub with a flue cured virginia from other brand, pretty sure the author was chasing that virginia feels that the horse brand uses in its protuct.
All the smooth and rounding flavors he uses , i need more study as i’m not familiar with them , i know their role in a recipe but only in theory.
And finally to conclude i wont give up on doing this , i have already ordered dozen of flavors , from flv , inw and fa ( the only brands available in my country ), and i will start batching this up next week , after the steeping time i will have more useful notes to share. I will do my best to give back the way i can all the respect and friendship i’ve received since day one here. I will work my ass off to make myself useful to the comunity.

About Nets - the thing i vape the most nowadays , we do have a net brand in my country , they are good , as far as they can get being the only net vendors here and having the rush to attend a huge number of orders. Things are done faster than they should be , they are good indeed.
But about nets i would be more eligible to talk about at the end of the year when my extracts will be ready to filter and steep.

GD i spend all my crunch and grunge english on this post …i’m tired of thinking…jesus…

Ps - i’m doing a few changes on the original recipe , i loved the description of the aged bourbon cream from real flavor, but of course it’s not available in my country. So i will have to emulate this one too.
I’m thinking for the aged barrel thing , an oak mixed with and a non sweet nut ( inawera ) flavor should be the starting point , for the bourbon i have 3 in mind : flv bourbon , tfa kentucky bourbon and FA whiskey ( or a mix of then ) for the cream i’m thinking about bavarian cream , i don’t want too much flufyness and bavarian cream i undertand is not a fluffy cream favor ( any other suggestion for the cream , is very welcome )


You know DIY is a rabbit hole, well, work with tobaccos for vaping is even a deeper hole, we all know how wide the pipe tobacco world is, if translated to vaping and DIY, possibilities are endeless, english blends, american, balkans, cigars… no end, paired with our thousands of flavours? Really no end.

Just now I’m vaping a recipe made of a rare Semois Vincent Manil, (Own extraction) with Cyprus Latakia (Own extraction) and FA Custard Extra 1, simple, but with a complex taste.

Just as a thought, if you’re interested I made an homogenizer that extracts tobaccos (extracting the molecules by cavitation) in minutes, (see the whole process on YT, search H&V team) minutes, not months.

Going back to the recipe, if you look at the one you posted, yes, you might be right, the logic could be towards the M-men, been an unusual approach, didn’t notice it, Today I’d use something completely different, FLV Classic Cigarette, FA Perique Black, FLV Native and build around it with the missing notes… completely different approach, where the analogue would be the top note, the tobacco is just a complement can anybody in a cigarette tell this is a Virginia or a KY, or a blend of those?? Good luck… but at the end, is it worthy?
Studying a profile, improving it and making mistakes it’s never a loss so much knowledge is gained from mistakes and trying to find “a way” to make it work as you want it to work.
One small (but guess you already know that!) suggestion, don’t buy too many flavours at once (I know delivery can be expensive) , but they could be too many to test, to find the right layers and find out the right use to them , learn how to use them, concentrate in one direction, I’m saying this coz I saw you asking for creams… good grief… another hole… :rofl: :joy: :sweat_smile:


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I am assume you are after an RY style tobacco. What do you have in your stash?

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