Help wanted idears?

hi i wana mix a single flavour bubble gum mix the bubblegum flavor i got is tfa/tpa my pg/vg 30/70 what would be tbe best % flavor 2 use ?


If you have a look at the flavour listing on the recipe side, it’ll give you an idea of the median % it is used both as a single flavour and in a mix. Also, have a read of the notes to see if that helps with your decision.

The median seems to be 10% on this one so maybe start there (mix up a small test amount) and then you can add a bit more if you need to (remember to make a note of how much more you are adding though). It all depends on your own tastes - flavour is subjective so whilst one person may like it at 5% another may like it at 20%.


Also, single flavor percentages are somewhat unreliable. I recommend using the median % “in recipes”


The best way to figure out what percentages will work for your palate is to actually test your flavors. That means mixing small batches of varying percentages, taking notes and deciding which one is best. There are dozens of articles available on how to test concentrates. It’s actually kind of fun, if not time consuming. Also…please please please familiarize yourself with the concept of steeping and not that shake & vape mindset which is way too prevalent. :yum:


whats best times for steeping ?

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Oh that’s a very debated topic, let’s say fruit 24 hrs to a week, bakery average a week to a month, then there are creams and custards those are 2 to 6 weeks on average but can bee 6 months or more at the extreme. I would say most recipes fall in the 1to 4 week time frame.


Pear FA is best SnV imo. Testing to your own palate and gear at different percentages is best. The mean “in recipes” is a good place to start. That said, I use 4x the mean on one very strong flavor. Some flavors work great if you overdrive them, some get nasty.

Steep does matter, you should determine how much it matters to you tho. SnV is real if it works for you. DIY is all about making what works for YOU. We can only give suggestions.

Best of luck.


well i must say my test mix come out very lovely and that was just shake n vape iv now made 30ml and its on the steep :grin::grin: