Help with a lighter tobacco Vanilla recipie

I have been trying for months to convert my real good friend who is already stage 2 COPD to try the vape I also realize it is a progressive disease and eventually it will take her life but without the added help from the chemicals in ciggies she may live longer she just got given a brand new grandson who she loves alot. At first i really sucked and she did mention she loves vanilla flavor my question is can someone or a few solids here throw me some nice tasting tobacco with vanilla recipies my way if,I dont don’t have the.ingredients i will purchase, ,right away but i just want her around some more time. You deteriorate very quickly in the end stages of that disease i saw it ,with my mom. Any help id appreciate id like to have this to her hopefully ready to go by xmas thanks for listening.


Vanilla tobacco inawera or flavorah. Those were said to be good stand alone flavors. You could find the best percentages to use and start from there.

Or vanilla ruyan custard, though it needs a little bit more tobacco IMHO.


Yes @delltrapp i agree about the FLV V Tobacco maybe add some vanilla custard low and another tobacco like sweet and Smokey FLV the possibilities are endless


I have vanilla ryhan custard and flavorah ry4 cuz I heard it was so,good…thing is i don’t known where to start on either or? Where would you suggest? It looks like i need another tob but what?? Im listening guys very closely.


Vanilla ruyan custard at 3-6%
Ry4 flavorah I havent got, but maybe around 1-1.7%


I have no exp. with either of these flavors. What I did find though for myself when first quitting, that FA’s black fire at 0.5% helped to give it that “ash” taste like a real cigarette. She may need that, I know I did. Again though, I have never used the previous flavors mentioned so maybe they have that ashy in there already?? Hope that makes sense.


Doing this soon asi can stand literally to get to my stash. Rn im just sft catching up vaping some of my concoctions see if they’re pass or fails lol!
Or if i get low enough on a fav adv i been getting my bf to mix for, me. He don’t even vape