Help with a sweet creamy base

I need help with making a sweet creamy base that I can mix with fruit flavors.
I’ve tried Third World Custard, but I find that to bitter for my taste.
Do any of you guys have any suggestions?
I would like to use CAP or TPA

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TPA bavarian Cream @ 2% + TPA VBIC @3%


TPA Bavarian Cream @ 1% + TPA Cheesecake Graham Crust @ 4%

these 2 are quickly becoming my favorite cream bases. It just really depends on the flavor I’m going for.

The first is just a sweet cream that I feel benefits from a hit of sweetener as well depending on just how sweet you want it, and the second has the extra flavor of the cheesecake and to me comes out tasting just like like warm milk after a couple weeks of steeping.

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This one by @et3rn1ty is delish imo


oo I actually have all of those flavors, I will be giving it a try @Lolly


Tpa Bavarian cream at 1-3% working great :slight_smile:
in some fruits Sweet Cream TPA 3% and Vanilla Swirl TPA 4% works too (tpa black cherry for example)

TPA Vanilla Bean Gelato (or/and Tpa Vanilla Bean Ice Cream) at 2% with TPA bavarian cream 1.5% is a nice combo too

personally i am more in TPA than CAP… while from times to times i use FA Cream Fresh :slight_smile:

all depends what you want to make and how it combines with other creams or flavors :slight_smile: i like creams very much in general… though the result i want to make is changing the creams and quantities i use :slight_smile:

hope this helped ya… gl and hf :slight_smile: