Help with calculating the %


When I get new flavours, I usually mix them as a single flavour before mixing them together with other flavours.

This time I mixed all the leftover samples together and it turned out quite good. But now I want to recreate the “recipe” and I’m having troubles calculating the % of flavours going into the mix.

This is the leftovers I’d had:

2ml 3% Strawberry Smash (FLV)
2ml 3% Strawberry Cream (FLV)
4ml 4% Cupcake Batter (FLV)
4ml 4% Cinnamon Crunch (FLV)
4ml 6% Cinnamon Danish Swirl v2 (CAP)

How do I calculate the real % to recreate this?


Since I’m not good at math I would use the calculater.

Take note of how many grams or mls of each. Then add them together so you know the total of pg and vg and each flavoring then build a full recpie. This will get you close but not exact.


You have 16 ml total now. 2 ml of that is 3% Strawberry Smash. .03x2= .06 ml out of 16 ml total= .375%. Do that for all of them.


Then I end up with:
0,4% Strawberry Smash (FLV)
0,4% Strawberry Cream (FLV)
1,0% Cupcake Batter (FLV)
1,0% Cinnamon Crunch (FLV)
1,5% Cinnamon Danish Swirl v2 (CAP)

Seems a bit weak?


Is this your thoughts after mixing this or your thoughts of the %s in general? You’re working with some pretty concentrated flavors… so on paper it looks pretty accurate to me.

Low usage % is common with the FLV brand.


Thanks for this great recipe, and a great calculation idea, I think you have a great idea as far as recipe development. I added a tab on my CosmicCalculator for SF Combiner:

I used it to verify your calculation above, your math looks good.


Same as @Pro_Vapes percentage wise looks good, you’re working with FLV. Personally I’d lower the swirl…