Help with coffee with hazelnut creamer recipe

hello im trying to make a basic coffee with sugar and hazelnut creamer recipe. tried looking around but couldnt find much that helped me. i was thinking of using TPA espresso as the base of it but i dont know much about the coffee flavorings either. if anyone could shed some light or point me in the right direction or just share thoughts i would really appreciate it!!! thank you for your time and have a nice day!!!

p.s. im pretty new to mixing, been doing it for awhile but i usually just use other people recipes and try my best to learn from those. thanks again!!!


TFA DX Hazelnut is pretty good, I also use FA Hazel Grove (Hazelnut) but FA can tend to be… Woody tasting, if that makes sense. DX is more creamy. A lot of people also like FW Hazelnut.

As for the coffee, I have gone through a lot of coffees, and for me they taste burnt. Be easy with the coffee, low %'s until you know how it plays.

Sweet Cream of any sort will also help as well as sweetener such as sucralose or stevia with the sweetness.


thank you so much for the reply!!! let me throw together a lil rough draft recipe then and maybe u could give me some pointers on it please? thanks again!!! 1 moment

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This is very good, and @daath mentions adding in some hazelnut iirc


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tfa espresso 4%
tfa dx hazelnut 5%
cap sweet cream 2%
sweetener .5-1% ?

i know freestyling isnt how good recipes are made haha. just trying to give my self the best start point as possible by getting advice from others wiser than me. thanks alot for the help!!!

hey that sounds pretty good!!! ill have to take some notes from that!!! thank you alot!!! : ))))

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Not a fan of coffee but FA Dark Bean goes down well with family and friends.
I mix it @1% with
FW Creamy hazelnut 4%,
FW Hazelnut 3%
FA Vienna Cream 2%
FA Fresh Cream 2%
FA Butterscotch 1%


thank you so much for the input!!! i really appreciate it!!!

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You’re welcome.
I hope you enjoy?

I too find FA dark bean overpowering but at very low like 0.08%( 1drop per 30ml) it does add to a mix.
@Syntax_Vaper i would look into get MF coffee it is much more subtle than FA but still strong usage 0.25% and always let coffee mixes steep 3 weeks or more. For the cream i highly recommend:
LB fresh cream 0.5-1.0%
LB cream 0.5-1.0%
NV cream 0.5%
Ooo milky undertone 1.5-2.5%
RF SC milk 0.25-0.5%
FLV milk 0.08-0.17%
A combination of 3 or 4 of these or even all 6 will yield an authentic coffee cream. If you can only get one get the ooo milky undertone. As far as hazlenut goes i havent had much luck but i hear FW and RF are both great…

what is this ive seen it at the end of a couple of your flavor post

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If I recall correctly


im always behind when it comes to those abbrv


FA Dark Bean (Coffee Espresso) will give you a rich, dark, bold coffee taste but it is very strong and needs to be used at very low %s, especially until you get to know what it tastes like and how you want it.

If you’re just getting into coffees, I’d strongly suggest either FA Booster (Tiramisu) or Inawera’s Tiramisu. I have Inawera’s but from what I’ve gleaned they’re similar enough that either one will work. Tiramisu is my new favorite coffee flavor because it’s easy to use and plays really well with other flavors.


I would agree with this. I never liked FA Espresso or Tiramisu when I bought them , been in my cupboard for a very long time, but as tastes change I have got really into them, though they are both a bit powdery and very strong, need to be mixed well with other stuff. Also FA UP is excellent, to me it tastes like what I originally hoped Tiramisu would taste like, though I find it a bit of a coil clogger which is unusual for a FA concentrate.
Medicine Flower do a very good coffee though I find it needs a long steep and OSDIY Lotta Latte is very good for a sweet creamy latte, by far the best of there concentrates I have tried.

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in my way of thinking would be like:
TFA Espresso as a base… with Some TPA HAzernut…
white i would add a little bit of caramel (TFA) and some Chocolate (Double Chocolate of TFA or CAP) … while using some Sweetener since none of the above is sweet…

i would go like
TFA Espresso 4-5%
TFA Hazelnut 4-5%
TFA CAramel 3%
Cap New Double Chocolate 3%
TFA Sweeterner 0-5-1.5%

Espresso for the coffee flavor… and hazelnut and the rest to make it kinda more creamy and more rounded in general… Chocolate will help you to connect the Coffee and Hazelnut in a better way while it adds some flavor tunes in the middle of both flavors… while TFA caramel adds also a Creamy Sensation too… you could optionally add TFA VAnilla Swirl or TFA Sweet Cream at like 3% but this is completely optional…

I’ll have to give OSDIY Lotta Latte a shot. So far I’ve had a good experience with them and their flavors. I’ve only tried the Sweet Tea but I’ve heard good things about Lucky Shot and the Blue Raz Slush and the Root Beer (I think).

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