Help With creating juice bases

Hi guys and girls.

I’m after making my juice up and adding the nic later. I can se I can make the flavor base easy,
So with that in mind, if I make a lot of the flavor base will it keep for a long time??

how do I go about making the juice so I can add the nic later
I use 72mg nic juice (100% VG)

Is it as simple as for 100ml say to keep it simple
Make the base in this recipe it uses 14% 10.26 g flavor, then the calc says: -
VG dilutant 29.42% 29.33 grams
PG dilutant 46% 47.66 grams

Which leaves Nicotine juice 72mg (100% VG) 16.7% 21.02 grams for a 12mg strength

How wold i make it so it was 0mg then add the strength I want please.

Any help would be greatfully appriciated
Im new to this anda few friends want different strengths.

If you have a recipe, you can click on the blue wrench, and click “Make Flavor Base”. It will do the math for you so you know how much of each flavor to add. Then you just use your base in your mixing at the “total flavor %” of the recipe.

Here are a couple threads on the topic that should contain all the information you need, and probably a little extra! :wink:


thank you so much, will have a look and thanks for your time

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Hi JoJo, again thanks for the links,

Was looking another calculator and it showed different readings for the PG and VG mix, will stick to the good one here.

looks nice and simple and I understand how to use this one, just a shame its not as easy to just make a base to add the nic to easy, or maybe it is and I’m missing it

Ill stick with the 72mg Nicotine on VG (unless PG is better)

My thoughts where do a large Flavor base say 100 ml (as it will keep for a very long time)
Then make a base mix of 0 nic and just add as needed

Are you wanting to create a flavored base that you can add just nic to? As in, PG, VG, Flavor? The ‘flavor base’ you can create with the button works like a regular flavor. It is just a combination of the flavors in the right proportion so that when you add it to your PG, VG, nic, it’s at the right %. You make your recipe as usual, but instead of adding, say, 5% of this, 2% of that, 3% of this other, and 3% of that other, you just add 13% of your flavor base. A lot of people do them because it makes it really easy to mix up your favorites as well as make them in varying strengths and PG/VG ratios.

The benefit of VG nic is that you can keep your PG % to the lowest possible amount. The benefit to PG nic is that it is thinner and easier to work with, and from what I’ve been told it keeps better in PG. I do 100% PG Nic, but I’m not PG sensitive or anything so it works for me.

Thanks for that,
Yes creating the Flavor base nice and easy, I do understand that bit will be doing that.

Was going to make up a base with nic then combine them to make it all quicker, will have to see about how that works or just make as needed.

Will also be looking at once I have a 100ml made up (easy number system) drop in some VG to take the strength from say 12mg down to 6, 3, 0 if poss

But again many thanks for yor input and info, most helpfull

I do enjoy the making, and just picked up a cheap arc 3 to test the vapes, 0 nic for me as I dont smoke

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Sounds like your looking at two things.

  1. Is mixing a batch of nic base. My method for years using 72mg pg nic is to add 10% to vg for 7.2mg and 5% nic to vg ffor 3.6mg. Then you just add your flavour to the 30ml bottle and top up with your base. You’ll lose nic percentage based on your flavouring percent so they wind up around 3 and 6 with around 15% flavour. Nice and simple. These days I’ve been mixing a litre at a time.

  2. Your second idea if I understand correctly is to premixed the flavours and add nic then cut with vg/pg to make varying nic strengths. If so then the problem you will have is you’ll have to add more vg/pg for lower nic and you will also be lowering your flavour percentages. The same as example 1 above with the nic but that works to our advantage, not against us

Oh signed up today but been 1 shotting for about 6 years. Step 1 is the easiest. Make up batch nic with pg/vg then add that to your flavours. For nic free just cut vg with 10% pg so 15% flavour with the base would be 25%pg 75%vg. Adjust to your liking.

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