Help with flavor enhancement

Hello there!

I mixed this Lemon Tart Remix here:

It tastes great. Although, when I use it right after using original Dinner Lady Blackberry Crumble, with some of this juice still in the wick, the Lemon Tart remix tastes AMAZ|ING. It’s sweeter, creamier and the lemons are so much more intense. I want to recreate that in the juice itself.

I noticed Blackberry Crumble is a lot sweeter than the Lemon Tart remix. What do you guys think I should try? Increase TPA Sweetener? Add some Capella’s Supersweet? Or maybe a different enhancer?

Thanks in advance.

This kind of thing happens to me a lot because I use tanks. When an accidental combo turns out so good, I have three ways of dealing with it.

1- mix extra of each recipe and in a smaller bottle, mix them in the ratios that I think will work. In your case you’ve got just a trace of the blackberry so I’d try 1 mil of that in a 10 mil bottle, then add 9 mils of the lemon. Fiddle with the ratios until you get the sweet spot.

2 - figure out a ball park ratio of how much of each you’re tasting then mix tester recipes with those amounts. This method for me, leads to really complicated recipes with 8-12 flavors. This seems to be the concept you’re asking about, my guess would be the Blackberry is boosting everything else but I’ve never had either of these recipes. Other people will most likely be able to help more if that’s the route you’re most interested in.

3 - Mix both recipes and just mix them in my tank. I most often do this with my Kiwi Candy recipe and my Newbie Melons. Fill it with Kiwi, vape half, fill with Melons, vape most of that, fill with more Melons…etc going back and forth.

Hopefully this gives you some ideas to play around with. Good luck!


@Leo28, I’ve done 2 and 3 ^^ when this happens to me. In my experience, sometimes tank mixes taste WAAAY different than combining all the ingredients and stepping them together, but sometimes steeping together works out great. The only way you’ll really know is to try both ways (or all three ways). But I’d definitely start by doing a recipe combo rather than throwing enhancers at the lemon tart recipe. If you want to try @Mizzz_Z_Hobbit’s second method, you can use the “adjust flavor %” feature on the calculator for both recipes and then manually combine them into one. Hopefully that makes sense…lol

And now reading back, it looks like the crumble juice you’re talking about is premade…(is that right?) so in that case you could use the premade juice like a flavor and add a couple ml into your tart recipe and see what happens, or see if there’s a clone out there somewhere that would get you close to use in the combo. Good luck!


Method ones sounds great. The blackberry crumble is premade, so method 2 won’t work for now. I’ll definitely give it a shot. Thanks!


Good idea! I’ll look for a clone recipe and try this combo. Let’s see how it goes. Thanks!


Glad I could help. There’s one retail juice I’m using as a flavor too at 7%. :+1:


No kidding! Back when I was buying retail juice but combining them, I had a Fruit Loop juice that was delish when mixed with a Dreamsicle in my tank. Eventually I had about a quarter bottle of each so I just poured them together into one bottle. A week later they had turned to shoe polish. :scream:


I’ll keep this in mind, in case mixing everything doesn’t work.


Yeah, try small batches at first and keep one small batch untouched for a month or two so you can see what happens. Some recipes are best vaped fresh so making smaller batches is best. One of my recipes starts out crisp and bright then mellows into more of a mild smoothie. I like it both ways but my son only likes it fresh.


This is worth an experiment. Given that the Blackberry recipe is a commercial e-liquid, it is probably drunk on sucralose. I’ve heard around the community that 2-3% Cap Super Sweet is about right to match that sweetness. I have only heard and read this, no actual experience mixing with it. But it could be a nice test to run.


Adding to that, an idea would be to make a stone out of Blackberry/Sucralose and use it as an added flavour to your recipe.