Help With Flavor West Recipes

I’m new to making my own E liquids and I wanted to begin making my own to sell at my business. I’ve purchased all the necessary ingredients to get started, mainly from the company Flavor West. I’ve made a few different batches at 40% PG concentrate, 20% PG Sweetener, 40% VG, and a couple grams of 100mg nicotine I called the Flavor West company and they do not have recipes for me to reference from. So, I was wondering if there were any vapers out there who have some experience with the company Flavor West and making there own vape juice with there products. I wanna know what kind of measurements y’all typically use to see what I could do better with my products.


Welcome to ELR @Trader_Bob_s. 20% Sweetener sounds pretty sky high to me. I’m unaware of any Flavor West only recipe dumps, and just use mine in conjunction with other flavor brands.


I figured 20% might be a little high. How much flavor do you typically use for your E- Juice.


If its FW Sweetener .5 to 1 pct should do it …You can go to 1.5 and 2pct if yiu want ,but 20pct is too high.

FW flavors can be used all over the place , look at some of Alisas recipes she used FW alot. Fw pcts range from 1 to 10pct depending , but you will layer a few and bring those pcts down.

Building a recipe is the same with every company you have your base , then you mid flavor and accent . Depending on what your making will determine pcts of the flavors


@Trader_Bob_s I have to make sure we’re talking about the same thing here. Did you mean 20% Sweetener, or 20% total flavor ??

You must mean the total flavor percentage. Many commercial juices push 2-3% or even higher, which is really sweet. For mine, if I do use sweetener, I never go above 1%, and that’s only when I use it. As far as total flavor percentages, with more modern flavors you can drop the total down as they seem to have gotten stronger over the years, but older school flavors, like Flavor West, and even TPA could be used higher, as the flavors are (not always) weaker, so the total amount depends on what brand, and also, what flavors you are using.


Well tbh I used a E-Juice calculator and didn’t add any Pg to the mix since the concentrate and the sweetner are based in Pg. So, literally 20% of the E Juice was PG Sweetner, 40% was flavor concentrate, and the remaining 40% is nicotine and VG. But now I’m seeing post saying that it should be as low as 3-5%. So what do you think I should do? 3-5% sweetner then 10-15% concentrate, then add the remaining PG, VG, and Nicotine? I wanted my stuff to be simple, yet tasty. I’m seeing recipes that show several different brands of concentrates being used and I wanted to mainly use one brand for efficiency and simplicity. Also it helps that Flavor West is relatively cheaper then other brands.
So if I wanted to make Blueberry, as an example, what ratios do you think I should use. Around 3% Sweetner and 10% blueberry?
(P.S. the percentages are total volume, meaning 3% would encompass 3% of the total mixture and not total flavor percentage… I think. I’m still new to this.)


Okay good to know. Thanks for replying. I’ll be sure to check out her recipes. So let’s say for example I wanted to make Blueberry E- Juice, you think 2% sweetner and 10% Blueberry concentrate would be enough? And the remaining 88% would be PG, VG, and Nicotine? How much of any vape juice should be enough concentrates and sweetner? I’m trying to get a general understanding as to what percentages I should be using. A lot of the recipes I found online showed 5-8% of multiple concentrates from different companies and all I have at the moment are Flavor West Concentrates. It says on the bottle that 20% was the minimum used for there juices, that’s partially as to why my measurements were so high.


@Trader_Bob_s Go watch a YouTube video about DIY E Juice mixing- and then you’ll have a better idea of what the fellas are saying. We’ve all been there Bob. Its all good dude!! :muscle:


Here is a video that will help guide you a little bit…

This guy makes things simple.

If i was making a Blueberry and Cream with just FW and only had the Blueberry from them i would use it between 4 and 6pct …I would add a tiuch of lemin like .25 pct and keep my cream low

Blueberry FW @ 6pct
Lemon @ .5pct
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream @3pct
Sweetener @1pct

You need to learn how to use the calculator on the recipe side . The calculator will do all the math for you.

Also enter your flavors in the stash and make them public. Seeing what flavors you have makes it easier to help you .


If all you have is Blueberry then test it starting at 5pct and see if you like it , then move up until your happy with the taste.


It’s cool. Set it aside till you need it in a mix. Add it as you would a flavor. Think of it as a one shot in a mix. It will throw off your nicotine and VG percentage slightly but you won’t be way off.


I will go about doing just that. I’ll reply later to tell y’all my findings.


Welcome and glad you joined.


I have a few all FW recipes basically Kings Crest remixes.


Hello Trader_Bob & welcome!
I am fairly new at DIY myself, at least it feels like I am starting to get a grasp on some basics and also have some favorites within every brand that I’ve tried over the past year and a half of mixing. Have you looked into how to use the Flavor Stash feature to read people’s Notes, Ratings and or public Recipes? I wish I had found that resource much sooner, along with info/suggestions on How to Place an Order for flavor concentrates. I am AMAZED @ how far 10ml can stretch. Even my FAVORITE flavors didn’t need to be purchased in the quantities that I bought!
On that note, here are a few Flavor West GEMS IMO:


  • BUTTERSCOTCH (NATURAL) <----possibly

  • BUTTERSCOTCH RIPPLE<—arguably one of The Best B/S flavorings commercially available (along with Flavorah and Flavor Arts, oh yeah and Wonder Flavors has an excellent BS too; but I digress…)

  • BLUEBERRY: simple yet perfectly complete (or whatever)

  • Yellow Cake

  • Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (VBIC)

  • Yogurt

  • Graham Cracker (GC)

  • Hazelnut

  • Cake Batter Dip (possibly)

Again, these are only my opinion but a generalizations:
iso tobaccos bc I’m running low on several + caramel (Flavorah)
GOOD LUCK. & G’Night

Is anyone interested in a possible trade? I accidently bought multiple large (very) bottles of BS Ripple and would love some more variety (less bs woulkl


Here is a simple one and it works

Banana split fw 18%
Sweetener fw 1%


Hold on to your main business. 'nuff said.


My ? Is What is his business is and where its located.


Welcome to the forums @Trader_Bob_s. I think most have already have covered the basics regarding the foundations of blending. Personally, I would like to note the need of starting with blends which you personally prefer.

The reasoning for this is rather simple: when you know how to make what you love and how to describe the process of getting there to others, then you can more easily create blends for others.