Help with flavour recipe

Hi everyone I am new to diy juice! I’ve got a few flavours and now I’m stuck…
I have mixed a few flavours but something is missing…
I need help with recipes for the flavours i have plz, just to get started that i actually have something that tastes good, all are capella flavours
Passion fruit
Sweet mango
Super sweet
Passion fruit
Green apple
Lemon lime
Fizz pop
Pink punch
Kiwi strawberry (stevia)
Tangy orange
Butter pecan
I will appreciate any help…


On the recipe side of ELR you can do a search on a given flavor and the results will tell you the average percentage used in a mix. It will also show you recipes people have posted using the given flavor.
Note: Make absolutely sure your search phrase uses capitalization. Fizz Pop (Cap) will return much better results than ‘Fizz pop’.
I strongly suggest you read this also…


Once you get your flavors entered I your stash, you can do a “What can I make” search.
Also you can check what your flavors are “most commonly used with” to give you some ideas…
Fizz Pop (CAP) is most commonly used with:


Pink punch has an anise taste to me. I tried making a pink lemonade. Taste is subjective . You could try that and fizz pop. I’d put them in your flavor stash and read the notes, used with section and look at recipes.


Welcome and glad you joined.


Thank you very much for replying I have added my flavours to my stash forgot to make it public. I’ve seen the other recipes, but there is so much flavours I don’t have to make them. That why i asked for help with the flavours i do have to make a mix with that… Dont know if i make any sense… appreciate your help


A few of your flavors have incorrect names which will make your searches inaccurate. Again… I strongly suggest you read this also:


Hey there @Gerhard8 welcome to ELR.

First, let me suggest reading the ELR user guide which is tagged above.
Second, mix each one of your concentrates separately at 3% or so. I don’t use Cappella very often so I hope someone will comment on the percentage. If it should be higher since it’s Capella.

Anyway, we call it SFT or single flavor test. I would say 10ml should be good to start with. Then vape the one you like.

Meanwhile, I would purchase some marshmallow and perhaps a cream. FA’s Fresh Cream is a good one if you don’t want to change the profile. Then add them to your favorite fruit from your SFT and you will have something good to vape until you get some learning under your belt.