Help With Flavours and What I can make with them

these are my flavours,

Banana - Flavor Apprentice 30ml
Blue Raspberry - Flavor Apprentice 30ml
Cheesecake (Graham Crust) - Flavor Apprentice 30ml
Watermelon Candy - Flavor Apprentice 30ml
Grape Candy - Flavor Apprentice 30ml
Key Lime - Flavor Apprentice 30ml
Honey - Flavor Apprentice 30ml
Cotton Candy - Flavor Apprentice 30ml
Tutti-Frutti - Flavor Apprentice 30ml


Sugar Cookie V2 - Size : 10ml

£ 2.00


£ 2.00


Vanilla Cupcake V2

£ 2.00


£ 2.00


Chocolate Fudge Brownie V2

I would personally like to try mixing (Sugar Cookie Capella V2, Grape Candy FA, Blue Raspberry FA, and Menthol by Flavor West but I have no idea how this would turn out,

if somebody could point me in a direction for what flavours I could create using the stuff I already have that would be greatly appreciated, preferably 70/30 VG PG, or possibly create a recipe for me,

I did ask in the chat before, but my ipod died and I could never get back in to the chat

Hi Nay, in your flavour stash there is a button called" what can I make"

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have you been to this site?
Your flavors are PG based flavors, most are.
also after you see the recipe side come back and check some of the threads here in the forum like:
A Beginner's Guide To Making The Most Highly-Rated Recipes


Lol been there


I started that way but then I caught on to finding recipes that I wanted to make then I bought the flavors for those recipes plus the most commonly used like vanilla custard,
marshmallow, meringue, Bavarian cream, chocolates (you get idea) I did this and I am a way better mixer now for it
Good Luck!


thing is though lads, I only went for the juices that had been tested and contained no diketones, that Bavarian cream and a lot of the popular ones contain diketones

Sorry lad but that is why they are so popular IMO.

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Not saying it’s a bad thing, but that’s kind of like choosing to be Vegan. You’re going to limit yourself to many fewer tested recipes and many will be bland in comparison.

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lol na its more like shagging a hooker that could have HIV, you either get HIV or you don’t, but in this case its popcorn lung

Analogs have more diacetyl and the like then juice, you don’t see a huge outbreak of popcorn lung in that group.just my way of justifying the tasty stuff. Lol, I could be wrong but I smoked analogs for so long, I’m a risk taker. Hah, bring me some more diketone yum.


If you want popcorn lung you can go to work for evil redenbacher’s popcorn factory, ask for the job buttering the kernels.
If your a vaper you won’t get popcorn lung, if you can smoke about 10 packs of cigarettes a day you might come closer.


Got some new flavours guys,

Bavarian Cream - Flavor West 30ml BC-FW-30 1 £2.92
Sugar Cookie - Flavor West 30ml SUC-FW-30 1 £2.91
Marshmallow - Flavor West 30ml MW-FW-30 1 £2.92
Cake (Yellow) - Flavor West 30ml CY-FW-30 1 £2.92
Vanilla Custard - Flavor West 30ml VC-FW-30 1 £2.91
Strawberry Shortcake - Flavor West 30ml SS-FW-30 1 £2.92
DX Frosted Donut - Flavor Apprentice 30ml XFD-FA-30 1 £2.92
DX Banana Cream - Flavor Apprentice 30ml XBC-FA-30 1 £2.91
DX Bavarian Cream - Flavor Apprentice 30ml XBV-FA-30 1 £2.92
DX Coconut - Flavor Apprentice 30ml XC-FA-30 1 £2.92
DX Milk Chocolate - Flavor Apprentice 30ml XMC-FA-30 1 £2.91
Whipped Cream - Flavor West 30ml

What you think?

Try some cake, custard, sugar cookie and strawberry shortcake Or replace the custard with cream. That would be nice. Steep for at least 3 days, give it a breath too just to ensure the chemical taste is gone.

Total flavour not over 12-13%

Look up the mixing percentages on ELR to give you a guide

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Same thing too, but replace strawberry with banana

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which percentages would you say to try out first?

Cake yellow 2
Sugar cookie 2
Vanilla custard 3
Strawberry shortcake 5
Marshmallow 1

That’s where I’d start from if me. Make a small batch like 15ml as a trial. See how you like that. I added marshmallow, I’m a bit of a sweet tooth. They do taste better after a 3 day steep minimum.

You can then play with the percentages.

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just tested it, it tastes really good!, thanks for that bud

Hi all… I’m 5 weeks new to vaping and am hooked. It allowed me to quit analogs cold turkey and never look back. I’m already on my 3rd device since starting out. My favorite mod is the Alien Smok with tfv4 tank that sucks juice like a fighter jet. With this in mind, I am interested in producing my own ejuices and have just purchased a starter kit from “”. Here is a list of the flavours I chose and am looking at making a coffee cream, and toasted rice marshmallow flavours to start. I am wondering if anyone has any more ideas on any more concoctions with the following ingredients?

Hazelnuts and Cream (WF)
Lotta Latte (OSDIY)
Marshmallow (FA)
Rice Crunchies (TPA)
Smooth Cappuccino Cream (WF)
Vienna Cream (FA)

I did check out the what can I make with this section but I cant find too many recipes with this combo.

Any Ideas woud be appreciated…I look forward to producing and sharing great recipes with this great community.