Help with imort duties code from America

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I’m looking at putting in an order from America and was wondering if anyone had an idea of the HS code or what to put in for the product and description so I can use: -

Iam trying to see what the landed cost to me would be, cost of order would be
Order: - $435.33 (£264.66)
shipping; - $87.58 (£66.65

I hope this makes sense to someone, just after the code or description to use

many thanks in advance

I don’t know what you are ordering so I just put flavour concentrates. Seems to me you are better off ordering from the UK.
From where to where you import
Importing from: United States
Importing to: United Kingdom (view country guide)
The type of product, its value and where it was manufactured
Product description: Flavour Concentrates
Product category: Sweet Candy (Upgrade account to get HS code)
Total product value: US$435.33
The cost of shipping and insurance of importing
Shipping costs: US$87.58
Insurance costs: US$0.00
Calculation results

Total customs value (CIF): £400.90
This is the amount that customs values your import at

  • Duty: £36.08
  • VAT: £87.40
    Total import duty & taxes due: £123.48
    This is the amount that needs to be paid to customs
  • Product, shipping & insurance: £400.90
    Total landed cost: £524.38
    This is the total cost of importing, including product, shipping, insurance and import duty & taxes
    at exchange rate of 1 GBP = 1.3 USD
    Calculation and compliance notes
    Notes on duty & taxes rates and compliance
    Flavour Concentrates has an import duty rate of 9%, subject to maximum of 18.7% of CIF value and VAT rate of 20% . Commercial imports of food are required to comply with EU health and quality standards [Some Probability]. Restrictions may apply for shipping this product with courier or postal companies [Some probability]. Shipping prohibitions, restrictions or special packaging may apply to articles which require a temperature controlled environment (including but not limited to foodstuffs and flowers). Please, contact your courier for more information.
    Notes on import taxes due
    Please include the cost of insurance to ensure correct import tax calculation
    Please note that your shipping provider may add an additional handling fee
    Read more on how import duty & taxes are calculated for United Kingdom here

Thanks Josephine,

Thanks for that, yes its Flavour Concentrates from
Was looking at getting 46 4oz bottles different flavours ( to stock up) as they very cheap on the wholesale

Yea the cost of basket was $347.75
UPS Worldwide Express $87.58 (USD)
Total: - $435.33 (£335)

Have been given an HS code from them 3302.10.9000

Do I need the insurance there was no where to add it to Basket??
Nice thought though, would be a few hundred pounds cheaper than UK
will have to look into it more

Priced them up from (where ive been getting most of my flavours from), They do some nice prices, and found to be one of the cheapest I found, But no patch straight from TPA themselves.

Thanks for being patient with me and very helpful indeed

2 Likes is slightly cheaper than rainbowvapes. The good thing about this shop is they have a discount code for us here on ELR; For 12% off most use code: ELR12 :grinning:
You can look at the recourse page for more EU vendors with discounts here;

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Ok Thanks Josephine, will have a look

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Well Guys my order arrived from USA today, rather quick total cost of the Customs duties I had to pay was £86.60

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Was it still cheaper from the US with all the additional fees?

Well it was but not by a lot,, and our 12% discount brought the price close, except I got 118ml bottles from USA, apposed to 100ml from UK.

They arrived very quick also
Cost of 54 118ml bottles on my wholesale account: -
USA: - $403.25 + $87.83 post
Total: - $491.08
That’s about £375.55 + £86.60 customs
Total: - £462.15
The bottles are different prices, but if you divide by the 54 bottles its £8.56 for 118ml bottles, cheapest ive seen is from and there £9.5 for 100ml with postage and discount its £11.56 as the postage is rather high on a few bottles, much cheaper if the order is over 1 litre.

So if you buy bulk from 54 bottles £458.04

So cheaper from UK unless you buy by the gallon from the states lol

Sorry for the long winded reply, just working it out