Help with ipv 4s please

Hi guys I have just bought the ipv 4s and struggling with what battery’s to buy just wondering what battery’s other users of the ipv 4s are using thanks👍

Everyone here will agree:

Shop around for those exact batteries. Somebody will have a sale going on…

Samsung 25R, LG HE4 or LG HG2 (LG HE2 will work as well, but they’re being replaced by HE4) :smile:

Thanks I am currently looking at these will they be ok

would you say they are ok thanks again

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I buy from - it seems cheaper as well (and it’s with the newer wraps)…

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I’ve done a bit more research in to it and came across this

Saying I need a 35A or higher battery and @daath the ones on the site you have gave specify there 20A sorry for all the questions I am on a cool fire 4 with the battery built in so not had this problem :flushed:

All of the good batteries are 20A, but as I read it the IPV 4S outputs 35A max, so two 20A should be fine :smile:

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I realized I need to to clarify this. The 25R and HE2/HE4 can continuously discharge at 20A without problems, they can pulse a good deal over 35A. In the IPV 4S the batteries are put in series which doubles the voltage, keeps the amp ratings. If they were put in parallel the voltage would be unchanged but the amp ratings would be doubled.

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I have made illumn my main battery shop for a few reasons, mainly they have fast shipping and good prices plus free cases. I have switched to the he4s myself, I find they perform just a touch better than the he2s. Either way like everyone has said, stick with sony/LGs and no rewraps

Excellent share, brother!

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I’ve bought a few HE4, and I’m very pleased. However, Mooch’s tests reveal that the 25R’s are slightly better - Just sayin’ :smile: (Also I just ordered 8 HE4s a few days ago)…

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I just got new batteries a couple weeks ago. Sony 18650 2600mAh 3.7V ordered from elementvape for around 13$ each. They are awesome. Such a difference in power, taste, battery life. I love these batteries. I also read reviews that said their life was long.