Help with Kona latte

Hi all, first time poster so go easy on me. I’ve been vaping this juice called Kona latte from sweet vapes for a few years now and guess what, they stopped making their own juices cause of the new regs. Well I’m trying to make this without much luck. What I figured out is there is no Kona in it. So far I’ve tried tiramisu, vanilla custard v1, AP @ 2 drops/10ml but I’m lost after that. It lacks depth. I wish I could explain what Kona latte tasted like from them but that time is now gone


Try This One:

My neighbor is vaping this stuff so fast I cant make enough of it for her.


I did a search for kona coffee on the recipe side of the forum, here’s the link. There are quite a few to choose from take a look at them perhaps you can adapt one of them to make it work.

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Thanks for the quick replies. Maureenie I’m going to try this one but I don’t have cheese cake, is there something similar to that. I have all the other stuff but not that. Thanks jedi, I did do a search and saw those recipes any tried a few but I’ve come to the conclusion that there is no Kona in Kona latte, I had some Kona (tfa) and got rid of it, even diluted it wasn’t useful for this recipe I’m trying to clone.

@Tazz DIY success depends alot on your expectations. I might be best to first get some coffees that don’t suck (just the flavoring). Coffee is a new hot topic on here and a hard nut to crack. Sounds like you have a good start. Here is one of the most popular coffee recipes from the Owner of ELR (Lars) in the search results look at what some other mixers have done to adapt to their liking …might give you that one clue you seek

You can find other coffee recipes (search) by just looking for “morning kick” (take off the “smooth”)

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LA Cream Cheese Icing? It would be sweeter but watch your percentages… before you replace check the notes on what most people here think is a good percentage.

Guess I’m gonna have to get a order going, missing some flavors and running low on others

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