Help with Nicks Smoked Custard +!

I need some help cracking this clone.

I believe have the major components, but Im unsure of the ratio’s and if there are any other small things added.

Anyway, its Seedmans Virginia Fire Cured Tobacco, and a custard. I feel like its a combination of FW/FA and CAP/TFA. - I get something buttery and creamy like CAP or TFA and something with the lemony hint like FW or FA when I vape it.

Ive tried CAP/TFA/FA/ and FW on their own at 0.75% with 1% Virginia Fire Cured added, but something is missing.

If anyone loves this juice I would appreciate any help. cheers.

Also could be a healthy dose of EM.

I’d stay away from the EM. If you absolutely must use a sweetener go with something like marshmallow or sucralose. By far the most popular custard here is the Vanilla Custard v1 from Cap followed closely by Flavorah’s custard. 0.75% with a custard isn’t very much. The median % used in mixes for Cap’s v1 is 4% and the median for FA’s is 2%. As with all custards, they benefit greatly from time spent alone. :wink: I’d try mixing Cap v1 and FA, maybe a little marshmallow or caramel, and the tobacco and then leave it alone for a month.

All my mixes steep a month before trail. —have you had Nicks Smoked Custard? Its a huge coil gunker, and its % is indeed extremely light. So EM is a very reasonable assumption. Theres definitely no marshmallow and surely no caremel hahaha. and anything over a single percent of VC overpowers the tobacco - anything over a single % on the tobacco becomes slightly mute and off. thanks tho. anyone whos had the juice and is willing to help w/ cracking it lmk.

Have you cracked this recipe yet? They recently stopped making all of Nick’s line and I’m really hurting for some Smoked Custard + lol. I’m brand new to trying to make my own juice so any help would be greatly appreciated…


I really want the smoked custard + to, can’t get it anywhere anymore, it’s the vape I always turned to for satisfaction, nothing came close for me.

I seem to get flavor right but without that sweetness, It’s driving me nuts! lol.

wish they would release the recipe if it’s discontinued.

I’ve still not given up on this one, I’m still trying to crack it.

I stumbled across a DIY custard that I feel might be a good base without the tobacco flavor.

If you start working with this custard mix, It tastes close as far as the custard is concerned.

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