Help with recipe adapt + nic

Hi everyone, i am new here and trying to duplicate i recipe a found but this recipe contains nicotine. I went into the “adapt this” feature and lower the nicotine strength to 0, but this throws the PG/VG number out of wack. I am not sure why this happens.

Anyone care to explain or guide me in the right direction?

thank you!

You should be able to adapt it and input your desired pg/vg ratio in addition to setting the nic to zero. Make sure that the max vg button isn’t clicked.


It is expected. :slight_smile:

The reason is, nicotine is suspended in either PG or VG (and sometimes, even a combination of the two).

So let’s say that the nic is in PG. If you have 6mg nic (1.8ml of solution if 100mg nic is used for a 30ml mix), and drop the nic to 0, then your PG number will increase by 1.8ml (since that amount of PG is no longer being added by the nicotine source).

Likewise, if you were using VG based 100mg nic, at 6mg per 30ml, and dropped the nic to 0, then you would expect the VG in the mix to need to be increased by 1.8ml, since it’s no longer being added with the nicotine.

Hopefully this clears things up for you!

By the way, it works the same way with flavors. And you’ll see the same kind of changes (depending on whether the flavor is PG or VG based.)

Welcome to ELR @OverrRyde!



If your PG/VG ratio is fixed and set to 70/30 for example, it doesn’t matter whether you remove nicotine or add it. The calculator will recalculate the totals for you when you save the recipe, just make sure it’s not set to MaxVG.

Thanks for the reply everyone, but I just realized my mistake. I was actually lowering “nicotine strength” instead of “desired strength”.

Lowering desired strength does the trick when I put it to 0, everything gets adjusted.

Thanks everyone!! Looking forward to making some juice!!