Help with recipe

Hello all,

I would need a little help

I have

Vanilla custard V2 cap
Cheescake Graham crust TPA
Strawberry TPA
Sugar Cookie V2 cap
Strawberry Ripe TPA

I would like to make a juice that is more vanilla, cheescake and sugar cookie and in the backround strawberry

So I need advice in percentage and what would be best to make from these flavors

thanks !


Well, I’m sure someone will chime in, but I’ll let you in on a little secret… If you have those flavours entered into your stash, you can go and select them to find what the average percentages people mix them at. Nice choice on concentrates, you’ll be able to make a cohesive recipe with that no problem.



Vanilla custard 3
Sugar cookie 3
Strawberry 2
Ripe 2
Cheesecake 3
I would try this. Hope it helps! adjust to taste after a good steep.

Or cookie 5
Custard 4 for a cookie custard vape. Cookie can go pretty high as well as the custard so depends where you want it. cookie up to 8 and same for custard but will need a good month steep.