Help with sweeteners

Sweeteners confuse me. The more I read the more confused I get. I have cotton candy and I have Pyure but a recipe calls for sweeteners I don’t know what to use and how much to use as a lot just say add sweetener. I do most fruit mixtures if that helps.

Here’s a thread all about it:

Most likely if a recipe specifically calls for sweetener, I would think they mean Sularose… idk. Paste the url to a recipe in a response.

I’ve been using 1% FA Marshmallow to sweeten fruit mixes and it works like a charm. Also, 0.25% to 1% FA Pear really helps too.

No need to be confused… a sweetener is just a sweetener. Flavors like marshmallow and pear are used in small amounts so the actual flavor doesn’t come through, just the sweetness.

I’m pretty sure Cotton Candy is Ethyl Maltol… I thought I read that somewhere. Idk how much of that to use, but for Pyure, I wouldn’t go more than 0.50%… maybe just 0.25%. It starts to leave an aftertaste at 0.50% from my experience.


Mix a recipe without sweetener, then if you feel it isnt sweet enough add a bit. Sucralose can be added by drops, 1 or 2 per 10ml of liquid. If you dont like the taste of Stevia in your foods you probably wont like it in your vape either. Im in the dont like it in my foods group so i cannot help you with it.

Cotton candy can be tricky, different companies add different amounts of maltol and ethyl maltol making some sweeter than others. Adding too much will mute flavors.

Marshmallow can sweeten a bit as well, it is also used to soften harsh liquids but again, it can and will mute flavors if to much is used. Marshmallow has other uses as well which depends on the brand.

I rarely use sweeteners of any kind as many of the flavorings we buy already have some form of sweetener in them, if they are sweet type flavors.

With all sweeteners start low and increase in small increments, that is if you need it at all.


Marshmallow is the one I use.