Help with Swiss apple tart recipe

Hi folks, I’m keen to develop a Swiss apple tart recipe because they are the bomb! The main flavours are shortcrust pastry, baked apple and egg custard with a hint of almond. I’ve had a few cracks at it but i’m way off. Any suggestions?

Your help is much appreciated.



Sounds tasty! What have you tried so far?

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Here’s the recipe I’ve been playing with

Its pretty good in its own right, so I made it public, but the flavours are way off the mark. The crust components are not at all shortbread like, the custard is not nearly prominent enough and the apple does not taste cooked.

I’ve no Idea how to obtain the flavors that I’m chasing.


I just threw this together as a starter, I love love LOOOVE apple and custard so this is right up my ally. I’ve never had a swiss apple tart IRL but I think this might be close to the right flavor profile.

The FA apple pie has a really nice crust. The Purilum cream cheese danish with toasted almonds is to add a bit more body to the crust and custard aspects, and hopefully the almond will come through as well. The purilum country apple is a nice cooked apple. And the inawera custard for the egg custard.

I’ll mix it up and report back about how it is! It very well may need more layers but I figured starting with a simple base is a good start.


Nice, thanks.

I’m in dirty old Australia so getting purilum flavors might be a challenge. Iv’e been dodging apple pie flavors because I don’t really want the cinnamon. Any other cooked apple flavors that you know of? common brands here are FA, FW, CAP, Inawera, TFA/TPA.



If you like to cook, this recipe is simple and bloody delicious :grinning:


Cap double apple is one of my favorites. I might bump it up to 3%. FA stark is another one that I like. Its an apple juicy flavor and does well with other cooked apple flavors. I’d probably keep it around 1% or so in this.


And if the crust you have isn’t right, you could try some ina biscuit around 1-1.5% and some cookie, maybe cap sugar cookie around the same % to sweeten it up a little. I also like just a touch of AP in crusts, 1-2 drops per 30ml would probably do it.


Try adding FA Liquid Amber at 0.5-0.75% to bring out the baked apple flavor. I would replace Zeppola with CAP Sugar Cookie at 2% and lower the Graham Cracker to 1%. For the Custard I would bring it up to 4%.


I agree with @louiesquared with the FA liquid amber. I have had it work well with apple and minus the Zeppola. Maybe Inw biscuit at 0.5-1.0% with Cap Sugar Cookie at 2-3%. I would say also FA Apple Pie at 0.25-0.50%, but it does have a slight spice flavor that you are trying to stay away from.


Looks like I will have to get some liquid amber in the next order, kind of blown my juice budget for the moment so it will have to wait a while. I’ll play with the crust combo suggestions and report back.

Thanks to all.

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I’m too green to help with recipe development. But, I can help with a reference recipe, to taste how some flavors work together for something similar. HIC’s “Sugary Almond Apple Tart” is tasty and incredibly simple (two flavors):

(I hope linking out is allowed??)

I like the flavors percents bumped a little higher to be able to taste them, at 6% and 4%.


Didn’t see the goal to avoid cinnamon notes.

That said, I wonder if the Marzipan would work well for the Sugary/Honey/Sweet and Almond notes?

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Good thinking, another one for my shopping list. Amazing how fast the collection grows.

Here we go, a post of many questions.

I’ve order a heap more flavors including JOY, Marzipan, INW cookie, Liquid Amber, Toasted almond and others.

After vaping one of my other mixes

I’ve noticed that the cheesecake has a nice pastry note without cinnamon. Do you think that there is anything else in there that might be adding to the pastry flavor? Would adding a heap of cap custard to cheesecake give me a custard tart like concoction, or would it still taste of cheesecake?

Im thinking a mix of Joy, Cheesecake, pie crust and sugar cookie might give me a shortcrust or puff pastry like taste without cinnamon. What do you think?

Also is Acetyl Pyrazine likely to help with the pastry note that I am chasing?


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It might! I’d definitely try that out.

I think Acetyl Pyrazine, ny cheesecake, pie crust, and cookie might get you closer than using joy. Joy has a very yeasty fried flavor more like a donut than a pastry crust. And for me, the lower I go with the joy the less bread I get but the yeast flavor still comes through powerfully.

Thanks, @VapeyMama I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge, gotta learn somewhere. Trial and error has its merits but there’s nothing like help from someone with experience.

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Any time, dude! Especially if it has anything to do with apple. :wink:

Hi all, Just mixed up this

Thanks to @VapeyMama, @rightbrainvapor, @CarolinaVapen, @louiesquared for the input.

I’ll let it sit for a couple of weeks before I try it. Will let you know how it goes.


Looks good. Let us know how it turns out. I am curious how the marzipan play with the others in this.