Help with Tobacco Flavours

I am new to DIY and I bought RY4 Double and have tried various other RY4 store bought liquids and I just don’t like the flavour and i know alot of people do. Tastes like burnt caramel to me. I still want to find a tobacco that is sweet. Can anyone point me in the right direction as to other possible Tobacco Flavours to try? Thanks :blush:


A lot of flavors have a burnt taste if you use too much of it. What % are you mixing it at?


Flavorah, Hangsen, Inawera come to mind… they have a wide variety and highly rated tobaccos.
Which one exactly depends on what kind of tobacco you want. Flavor concentrates aren’t very expensive, I’d buy a whole range and experiment to see what you like.


you can look for highly rated tobacco recipes on ELR and buy the flavors as and when needed.

is always a good place to start :wink:


@Lauzzy77 … There is a dizzying myriad of tobacco flavors from which to choose in the DIY world. Finding the right one for yourself can be fun, but challenging, disappointing, and costly. I purchased quite a slew of tobacco flavors in my time… when all was said and done, only a handful met my satisfaction. As you have discovered… and I agree, RY4 is not in our wheelhouse of tobacco flavors.

Even though I am primarily vaping my own creations of naturally extracted tobacco (NET) juices these days, here’s is a list of synthetic tobaccos which I would consider “keepers” in a tobacco lovers concentrate stash.

Super Concentrated ~
French Pipe
Maxx Blend
Black Mile
(All purchased from Bull City Flavors)

Inawera ~
Black for Pipe
Dark for Pipe
Tobacco Garuda
Dirty Neutral Base (Ash Additive)

Flavour Art ~
Dark Vapure
Maxx Blend

Hangsen ~
Black Label (Dijarum)
Pipe (French Pipe)
Elder Captain

Flavorah ~
Cured Tobacco
Red Burley
Kentucky Blend

EcigExpress ~
Mile Seven
Black Mile

But don’t take my word alone. Read the reviews and descriptions of these tobaccos prior to making a purchase; some of them may not be to your liking.

If I had to choose one for you to experiment with… it would be the Seven (SC) from Bull City Flavors. I enjoyed this one, even as a stand alone flavor in a mix. It has a nice mild tobacco flavor, but carries a note of maple and chocolate along for the ride.

Once you’ve found that tobacco you like, then you can work on sweetening up your mix with yet another dizzying myriad of flavors in the sweet range. Here are some common flavors/additives I use to sweeten tobacco:

Marshmallow, Meringue, Marzipan, Creams, Sweet Creams, Custards, Apple, Pear, Vanillas, Butterscotch, Rum, Bourbons, Oba Oba, Maple Syrup, etc.

Most of all… read, research and when you’re done… do more reading and research. :wink:

Good luck on your journey!


I’m not much help when it comes to tobaccos, because I’m just starting with them.

Just like you I bought a couple ry4’s because I thought I would enjoy them much more, since people were saying you barely taste tobacco in those.

That’s true but in general I didn’t liked them, so I got (DIYFS) holy grail as well as (WF) vanilla ruyan custard, and (JF) ry4 in all of them you taste definitely tobacco note, but due to its mixed with a more “dessert” kinda notes ( vanilla, creams, etc) it’s not in your face or off putting to me at least and better then tpa’s mess of ry4 double.

I also got (flv) red burley, but to me that’s no doubt tobacco. On top of that, it reminds me of old men cologne, if I would inhale it, probably tastes the same lol. You will have to like tobacco for that one, in my opinion, it’s good but I’m just not there yet or at a point where I can enjoy just the tobacco taste.

But I would recommend the other ones.


For sweet tobacco taste, I’d go with purilum sweet tobacco. It’s in the name :grin: and got good reviews on the recipe side.

If you want to buy more tobacco flavors, I’d re read what kinnikinnick said up there. Dude knows his tobacco.


I went down a similar path when I started searching for DIY tobacco mixes that suited my tastes. I l also prefer a tobacco with a bit of sweetness in the background. I’d try a particular tobacco flavor, and then try and bring up the sweetness in the background, by adding traditional ‘sweet’ flavors to the original tobacco, like chocolate, vanilla, caramel, etc. They just never hit the spot for me.

What got me pointed in the right direction (for my tastes) was trying more than one tobacco in the same mix. I also tried to stay at 5% or less, of total flavoring in a tobacco recipe. Tobaccos each have their own profile that they bring to a recipe. Some are light or mild, some bold, some on the sweet side, etc.

By experimenting with different percentages of each, in the same recipe, you might be amazed at how the overall profile of a recipe changes, just by altering the percentages slightly. Try and stay at 5% total flavoring.

For example. Tobacco A is a light, mild flavor. Tobacco B is a bolder tobacco. Tobacco C has a bit of sweetness.

Tobacco A 3.5 %
Tobacco B 1 %
Tobacco C .5 %

Not enough ‘tobacconess’? Drop A to 3% and raise B to 1.5% and note what happened, overall. With just 3 tobaccos, all bringing something a little different to the party, you will be able to ‘tune’ the recipe, and create a profile that suits you. It will take time, and experimenting, you’ll feel the recipe profile changing as you get closer (or further away) to what you’re looking for.

For the record, I find RY4’s and RY4 Double rather disgusting, but to each their own. I do however like Hangsen RY1. Hangsen’s RY system starts with RY1 (least sweet) and goes up to RY4 (sweetest). RY1 is the only ‘RY’ I like, personally.

Don’t give up. Experiment, read, and experiment more, and read some more. Your combos are out there.

This is an outstanding thread, about tobacco flavors & tobacco recipes. There’s an incredible amount of info in it.






Nicotine juice 36 mg (100% VG)




PG dilutant




VG dilutant




Total base




RY4 Double (TPA)




Salted Caramel (FW)




Super Sweet (CAP)




Vanilla Swirl (TPA)









I decided to have a go at reproducing the black cherry tobacco I used to smoke and I was staggered at the results (in a good way). This was for MTL vaping in a 40pg/60vg mix.
I mixed Inawera Black Cherry Tobacco at 3% and let it steep for a few weeks. For me that was a little strong on the black cherry and weak on the tobacco flavour. Slightly sweet but not sickly. The right kind of sweet for tobacco if that makes sense. Anyway, being a lazy person I then tried mixing that tester 50-50 with a shop bought Virginia tobacco eliquid that I knew I liked, and the result is what I use for my MTL vaping all the time.
The tobacco element is “tobacco-esque” - I wouldn’t want it to taste like smoking a roll-up anyway, and the black cherry is exactly how I remember my old tobacco smelling and tasting. It’s very satisfying :slightly_smiling_face:


Interested by the recipe. Any idea what the commercial Virginia juice could be made out of?


That 5% isn’t the cause of the burnt taste, that’s a reasonable amount to use for RY4D…
I’d follow other people’s excellent advice here, read up on the tobacco threads, make a selection and order some other flavors you can experiment with.
People new to DIY quickly learn that taste is an incredibly subjective thing. What some people rave about may be revolting to you, and the other way around. A lot comes down to experimenting and being open to try new things.


Thank you everyone for your replies :smiley:

I will try Turkish, Black Honey and Soho and see how I like the flavours. It’s going to be a fun journey :stuck_out_tongue:


Sadly no, I’ve tested inawera Virginia and it’s not that. The eliquid in question is from if you want to have a look at it.



This is a great flavour i usualy like ashy tobaccos but that ry4 is great here is a mix my mate @TamVapes

loves as you can see she mixes 500ml at a time i am only missing the rice crispy treats but these flavours should be fairly acsess able to you in the usa
Also fear does a mix with this ry4 and most mixers i have talked to about ry4 say it is the best.


Now if you had told me that Monday, my order from vapable ( which stocks one pound brand both as ready to vape and concentrates ) has just arrived… I’ll give it a try with what I have. Too many flavours too little time.


That sounds like a very good combination of tobacco flavors. Go lightly with the Black Honey Tobacco. I find it very potent. Let us know how it turns out!

Good Luck!


He gave you some sound and helpful advice!!
It will be a journey…. but at the end, if you really like tobacco, there’s only one end to this journey……. NET! And I’m not a tobacco expert, but all mixers know that…
You could like some of them and make some fab mixes ( I love Red Burley FLV coupled with Red Oak / Virginia) but I’m conscious that the only way to go is, organic…. with the best leaves… Sooner or later… I will… tried a couple of times, and it wasn’t awful, but needs a lot of improvement… :joy:


This is one of the flavours that Inawera had to reformulate. Have you tried it since? From what I hear it’s not the same any more.
I still have an old bottle of it so I haven’t tried the new one either.