Help with using my flavours, suggested recipes

Hi guys I am new to DIY and I have just ordered some flavours with out really thinking about specific recipes I wanted to make so here is a list of what I ordered and hopefully some of you guys can give some advise on recipes. Thanks amy help will be appreciated !

Vanilla Swirl Flavor by TFA / TPA - 30 ML

Orange Cream Flavor by TFA / TPA - 10 ML

Bavarian Cream by TFA / TPA - 10 ML

Kiwi by FlavorWest - 10 ML

Cinnamon Danish Swirl Flavor by Capella's - 10 Ml

Peanut Butter by TFA / TPA - 10 ML

Dulce de Leche Flavor by TFA / TPA - 10 ML

Raspberry Concentrate (Malina) Flavor by Inawera - 10 ML

Cookie Flavor by Flavour Art - 5 ML

Blueberry (Extra) by TFA / TPA - 10 ml

RF Sweet Strawberry Flavor by Capella's - 10 ML

Graham Cracker V2 Flavor by Capella's - 3 ML

Ethyl Maltol by TFA / TPA - 10 ML

Berry Crunch Flavor by TFA / TPA - 10 ML

Marshmallow Flavor by Capella's - 3 ML

Strawberries and Cream Flavor by Capella's - 3 ML

I’d suggest putting all your flavors into your flavor stash and then clicking “What can I make?” or you can also search by your flavor stash to find recipes that include one or more flavors that you have.

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thanks for the suggestion I am new on here

Well then welcome!! If you need some help getting started you might try checking out this thread on beginning DIY and this one on good flavors to start with. The wiki on how to use the ELR calculator is also really helpful if you’re confused about how to do anything on the main site. Also, feel free to say hello over in the introduction thread! :smile:


Welcome Brad,

You made the same mistake I did by buying before asking, but at least you ordered some good flavors. You didn’t get any custards, but you grabbed some good ones like Cookie and Peanut Butter. Those are a couple flavors I really like. Some of the others I have never used.

The Ethyl Maltol I assume you bought to use as a sweetener. But I personally wouldn’t use it for that. I use TFA Marshmallow to do that. Ethyl Maltol is not used by many here unless they want to tone down a recipe rather than sweeten it. I have a bottle of it I will never use.


thanks for the response yeah the ethyl Maltol was for that exact reason…

Thanks JoJo I am excited to get started.

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As for recipies I would recommend searching the recipie list. You can search by recipie with just a term like “strawberry” and find a bunch of recipies. You can also click flavor list and search for a recipies with the flavor you have like sweet strawberry to find a recipie for the flavor you have.

I’m still new to game. I still have to great creative since I done have a large flavor stash. So you need to research and plan to get a good result. But don’t worry too much, you can still make a good juice it you take the time to read.

One word of advice, if you get to go shopping again. Buy flavors based on recipies you want to make if you can. That can still be tough base on the variety of recipies. The other option if you really like strawberry mixes is to buy supporting flavors… Like… FA strawberry can be really really good with sweet strawberry and FA rassberry can give you a pop in flavor with strawberry. Those types of choices can give you a full flavor (exhale and inhale enjoyment).


Welcome Brad, (I’m a Brad as well :D). It actually looks like you did pretty well for an initial flavor purchase. I agree with adding your flavors to your flavor stash and then clicking “What can I make” and then select the rating to sort by the highest rated. It’s a great way to get a start.

Here is a quick one I threw together for you with some flavors that you have. I’ll even make it too so we can compare notes. :slight_smile: This one will need to steep for about a week to let the flavors come together.

A couple of pics for color reference to show what steeping does to color. :smiley:
This should turn out to be a sweet and somewhat creamy blueberry graham cracker flavor. It should actually be pretty good.


cheers Brad thanks for the support gonna mix some up

EM will be fine to start with… Your early mixes probably wont last long enough for that…if your making enough bottles that you wont get the chance to vape then yes by all means don’t use it, but don’t want to overwhelm yourself either so take your time… Def read the suggested % for any flavor and then work from there… If your gonna try to make a mix right out the gate remember its about balance and ratios… You want a balance between your flavors, with a main flavor and supporting ones… Like if your aiming for a blueberry Danish you probably don’t want 10% Cinnamon Danish and 1% blueberry… Take notes on everything you do it’ll help you down the road when that bottle that tasted like garbage turns into an amazing flavor… And as everyone said read those beginner threads and research and read again, don’t take anything too seriously or for fact as one person may hate a flavor just because it wasn’t working for them. Everything has its place, even the pine needle flavor called Mary Jane can probably be used somewhere … You’ll never not be new at this since there is soooo many flavors and so many companies… You can check the MF threads and see these mixing professionals who are back to basics with testing and retesting. Don’t get discouraged and don’t get too crazy on flavors, and DONT toss anything right away you never know what it’ll be after a few days or weeks… I’m right here learning with you my friend so don’t take anything I say for fact either! Like TFA cinnamon Danish @ 10% may be fine with MF blueberry @ 1% I have no clue though so again those beginner threads are a life saver but I know the urge to mix is strong so check those flavor reviews and get to making us some killer recipes!
Welcome and good luck! And never feel like your asking too many questions here
Also the search bar above is great for checking past discussions, I don’t use that one enough honestly!


Do test bottles, and buy extra bottles to let them steep 2-5 day min more on custards and creams. I know waiting is the hardies part.

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Most welcome, I dripped some last night. Already a tasty mix. :smiley:

Ooh…keep us posted on the blueberry graham. This is the first time I posted on here.

Vanilla Swirl is a keeper for sure! You did good with some of those flavors.

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I just realized I was responding to two different Brads.

Made my first batch when I came home last night but added 10 drops of Vanilla swirl. I came home full of drunken cheer probably not the best time to make my first batch, but will let it steep another day and let you know how it tastes.

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LOL I hear ya there. I think in the beginning we all have suffered from being a little over zealous. Drops are a tricky way to mix. Different droppers deliver very different amounts and it makes it nearly impossible to mix a proper ratio. Do yourself a huge favor and order a scale. This is a good cheap one to start with.

Perfectly accurate mix everytime and it takes the hassle out of mixing by volume and the guesswork and inaccuracy of drops.


yeah I no that for sure but I am in Cambodia for a couple more months and very difficult too get electric scales here from what I can find out. so have to go caveman for a while hahahahahahah.

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WOW. Jump the border and say hello so some friends of mine in Laos or Vietnam. I travel to SE Asia once or twice a year.

I spend about 9 months a year between Cambodia and Malaysia. Then home to Canada on Vancouver Island for the summer. Definitely will be looking to get digital scales at least I know I can get in Malaysia for sure.