Helpful Way to Access User's Profiles from the Forum to the Calculator Site

I have found a few times now while trying to help someone I need to go look at their stash. Most new DIYers don’t have any recipes. So their profiles don’t show up in a search. It takes a bit of explaining sometimes to new members how to share their stash to be able to help them out. There is a lot of redundency here with the same newbie questions over and over.

It would be nice if you could click a person’s avatar on the forum like you do now and there was a link to the user’s profile on the calculator site. A link to their flavor stash in there would be useful as well (saving some clicks). And it would be nice if flavor stashes were shared by default. So new users didn’t have to figure out how to share their stash. I would think those not wanting to share their stash would be generally a more seasoned member here, and have already seen that checkbox a thousand times.


I would love a closer integration between the forum and the main site - I’m afraid, though, that this will not happen for a while, as it requires me to mess with the guts of the forum software. I’m sure I’ll get around to it some time…

I agree with the stash - I think I will make stashes public per default going forward…


I noticed when you click on someone’s avatar here it shows their name they used on the calculator site. Has that always been there or is that new? There isn’t an easy way to make that name a link to their profile?

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It’s part of the auto-registration on the forum - I populate the username and the full name on the forum with whatever is in the “display name”-field on ELR proper - it’s always been like this.

I will try to make a tighter integration at some point - but I am weary of messing directly with the forum software. When I do, it will have to be a plugin to the forum…


Oh ok. I thought that secondary name was a new thing. Yeah, I bet messing with this forum can play havoc with what free time you thought you were going to have on a weekend. I had a site years ago and had vbulletin (I think) on it. It was much simpler that this forum. But I still managed to screw it up every time I touched it. Just having the flavor stash shared should be a bit of a help.

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