Helping a Friend Who Needs Strong Flavored E-Liquid

I have a friend who turned me on to vaping. He has to vape very strong flavors because he had a seizure and fell backwards and cracked his skull. Ever since he has very little sense of taste and smell. I want to make him something he will really enjoy. I think he likes fruit flavors best. So I am asking for suggestions of something I can put together that will be a good vape for him. We have this local flavor called Berry Melon that is very good. But ya get burned out on a flavor after awhile. My Flavor Stash is shared. So if someone could give me some ideas it would be much appreciated.



Do a melon mix. They’re strong usually just from mixing the 3 common together.

This is one of my favorite SB cheesecakes it’s by @SthrnMixer. It’s easy to make is a shake n vape as well and you have some of the ingredients you would have to sub out for your stash but it would work !

I’d use your cap cz cake at 3%
Your FA SB as the ripe
You have cap’s sweet SB
Add sweet cream caps @ 2-3%
Ya don’t have the marshmallow well you can get some and add it. You could even add some graham cracker @ around 3%

It’d be an adaption but certainly a recipe you should make as is when you get these flavors it is my go to favorite SB cz cake ! He has a lot of great recipes !
You have flavors for a :

SB/ Ban custard

Ban caramel cream swirl with Graham and sweet / whipped cream


I can tell you the FA Fuji Apple is very punchy; might look up a few recipes with it in the mix. :wink:


Oh yea that’s true ! Fuji apple he has. He could do an apple pie and add the Fuji he has pie crust and he could add the caramel as a low note.

Also could do a watermelon SB whipped cream and a cream soda I just made one similar as an Italian cream soda.


You have most of the flavors to create this one and it’s extremely popular:


Dang I may make that myself thank you I like his recipes they’re pretty tasty. Thanks.


Thanks Amy

One thing I did recently due to flavor fatigue (I had 150 ml or so of Strawberry Milk) was to put 30 ml of SB Milk in a bottle and add 5 drops of Flavorah Banana. This is really, really good. I mean really good! I’ve never used the Banana Cream he has, although I’ve heard good things about it. Perhaps you could make a recommendation here as for a good Strawberry/Banana mix. It’s always a fan favorite.

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So roughly that would be about 0.50-0.75% in a 30ml mix that you added FLV banana.

Yea I put that he could make a ban SB mix but ppl are particular about banana wether he wants it to be equal to SB or lighter I left that up to him. I like it equal parts of both.

If you put equal amount of FLV Banana as you do Strawberry in this mix, all you’ll taste is the Banana. Probably all you’ll taste for the next week…man that stuff is strong. I just don’t know about the Banana Cream flavor he has…may work great at high percentages.

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I haven’t made a sb / ban mix with FLV and he didn’t send me ban cream but I have enough LA to kill a horse lol. I agree FLV ban is potent and yet it does calm down it still one to take down a notch when adding other flavors you’d like more pronounced.

Thanks so much guys. I will get to work on some of these. Some of my flavors in my stash are in the mail. I couldn’t wait to add them to my stash. But they should be here in a day or two. I like the Strawberry Milk idea. I have actually looked at your recipes @SthrnMixer, and I think we like the same things.

If you guys have recommendations for recipes I don’t have the flavors for I can order anything I need. My friend never has a lot of money so I was just wanting to try to get him a supply of liquid going for when he’s broke. He’s a good guy so I just wanna help a brother out.

His favorite flavors are (in order) Strawberry Limeade (LVS flavor), Ludicrous Speed by The Swartz which is a yogurt and honey blend, Javelin by Mod Fuel which is a tart lemonade inhale with a fruity exhale, Berry Melon (another LVS favorite) which everyone says smells like cotton candy (I suspect this to be One on One’s Sour Belts flavoring), and Purple People by Blue Collar which is a grape candy flavor.

Thanks again. You guys are awesome!

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Peach, Pineapple tend to be a couple of strong fruits. Perhaps some kinda Peach, pineapple, mango mix might do him…

I just mixed up…

Melon Berry
Melon Cantaloupe (FA) 2%
Strawberry (FA) 2%
Sweet Strawberry (CAP) 6%
Watermelon (TPA) 6%

Mixed at 30/70 PG/VG at 6mg Nic. Just did a test vape and it definitely has some flavor. I think after a few days this will be pretty good. I may add some Vienna Cream to it to reduce the tartness just a tad.

Working on the other recommendations now.

Flavour Art Cream Fresh - I am not finding anything except Fresh Cream. Is that the same thing? Just checking, because if so, the name is backwards in the darabase here and is a bit confusing. If I didn’t know what Crème fraîche was I wouldn’t question it.

It is the same but backwards IDK y I always think that is weird as well. How did they strawberry cream soda turn out ?

I am actually going through my juices and testing them. I tested it saturday or sunday… have to check my notes. I left a comment in the recipe. I will be testing it again here shortly. The strawberry was coming through pretty good. At 9% the Cream soda still isn’t where it should be. But I am hoping with a few more days it gets there. Either way, what I tasted the other day was good to me. As with some of my retail juices that sat around and got a lot better, I am confident this one will too. Will report back shortly.

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Lol, I should have said I was in the middle of testing when… VAPE MAIL! I got a sample box of various bottles, spouts, and droppers from a container supplier. Will post pics. I also got my black TFV4. Good day so far. But I just realized a really dumb thing I did with my first 3 batches. It will take a confession… err thread to explain it. Watch for that too. Very funny​:joy::joy::joy::joy:

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I haven’t tested mine I made the other day but it was an Italian cream soda so I figure the cream was going to need a good 5 days to steep. Huh 9% didn’t cut it on the cream soda. I can’t remember what I had mine at, that was TFA right not FW ? Well good to know if mines lower I haven’t played too much with TFA’s cream soda.

Mine is FW. I just tested every bottle. Here are my notes…

This batch has 4 variations on the Cream Soda,

Cream Soda (FW)…6%-7%-8%-9%
Strawberry (FA)…3%
Vienna Cream (FA)…3%

Testing the 9% - The Cream Soda is the stronger of the 3 flavors. Strawberry is coming in second. And the Vienna Cream is barely noticable. Only a slight aftertaste. The mix is a little tart, unlike the first. So it maybe either needs to steep a few more days, or the mixture adjusted. Testing the other 3 variations are as follows…

8% Cream Soda - The tartness isn’t quite as strong. The Vienna Cream is slightly more noticable and this is a little closer to what I am after. It’s a little sweeter. But I am hoping the cream develops a bit better. Still not quite there

7% Cream Soda - This one is pretty good. The tartness is gone. The Cream soda is about perfect. The Strawberry has taken a bit of a back seat though while the Vienna Cream is about where I want it to be. I could vape this as is.

6% - This one almost seems like it hasn’t developed as well. Either that or my throat needs a break. The flavors seem similar to the 7%, but a bit muted. Still not bad though. Time will tell.

These were all tested at 45w on a single clapton build on my Hellboy RDA at 1.2 ohm. New cotton for each test. I am sure the flavor will be better on one of my sub-ohm builds. I am going to test again in a couple days after building some new coils.

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