Hemp vs Cotton

I’m just curious how many people use hemp instead of cotton for their coils? I personally haven’t tried hemp and I have only ever used cotton but I would like to hear anyone’s experience with it.

I have 2 people that I know that only use hemp and love it. They swear by it (could also have something to do with the fact they are dirty hippies and would make sweet love to the trees then frolic in the forest with small furry creatures) and say cotton is horrible, blah blah.

So has anyone tried it? Better/worse? Is there a certain type or grade of hemp needed for wicking? Inspiring minds and all :wink:


Im with you. Ive heard ppl talk about using hemp. i started with just organic Cotton. Then i went to Japanese cotton and i love that. But now im waiting on this texas cotton sub cotton lol.

Had some of this but didn’t have any luck with it. No idea on the hemp. As far as cotton so far I like Cottonbacon the best

Never tried Hemp that i can remember. At least if you dry hit the hemp there is a chance you will get small amounts of cannabinoids along with your lung full of yuck.


Never tried hemp still using cotton got some bacon on the way so see how that goes.
Does hemp not contain oil?

I don’t know anything about it, as far as vaping’s concerned. I would imagine there’s a certain type they used but idk

Dont know anyone that uses it. I’ll stick to the cotton at the moment and try the bacon when it gets here.

What is this bacon you speak of?

Cotton bacon v2. I presume there was a v1.

http://www.ecigone.co.uk/accessories/cotton-bacon-v2.html Just to check out. :+1:

Interesting, I’ll have to look into this, thanks!

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Sounds really good! Hopefully everyone will transition to this

I’ll let you know what it think when mine arrives. :+1:

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Cotton Bacon v2 is supposed to be very clean tasting right off the bat. I tried it for the first time a few days ago, and I gotta say I was a little disappointed :stuck_out_tongue: I got loads of cotton taste for a while, then it subsided and it tastes good now. Wicks well too. But I like my japanese cotton just as good. I even think the initial cotton taste is less on my japanese cotton.

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Good to know. Already bought some and it’s en route so will see soon. Still love muji though!


Yes and all I can say is WTF! V2 has a break in period and V1 was perfect 0 reason to change it! If you can get V1 its preferable I wasn’t happy throwing that fresh V2 in and getting some undesired flavors. I heard native wicks was great and I just tossed it since I had the bacon and that Native wicks tasted like cotton.
Cotton Bacon V1 is much better IMO V2 is good after the break in period. They also do Bacon Bits, smaller chunks of the V1

I will say this V2 is holding up great though still has a fresh cotton look after A LOT of use.


[quote=“TRisin, post:16, topic:35868”]
Yes and all I can say is WTF! V2 has a break in period and V1 was perfect 0 reason to change it[[/quote]

This is so strange to me. I used cotton bacon v1 before v2 was out and hated the taste of it for the first 6 or 8 draws. I did like the way it wicked a lot so kept using it.

Tried Koh Gen Do next and absolutely hated the taste and the fact I could never seem to get the right amount in a coil to wick max vg juice.

Along came cotton bacon v2 and I have never wanted to try anything else. No new cotton taste from the very first draw and wicks max vg juice like it’s sucking up water.

I have not tried hemp myself but I was told by the local vape shop owner that it is the best wick he has ever used. He claims it has zero taste and wicks better than any cotton he has ever used. Yet he does not sell it in his store???

Just goes to show different strokes for different folks in vaping with every aspect of the hobby.

This is where I get the Cotton Bacon V2 but they have V1 and the Bacon Bits also

That’s exactly what I heard that made me want to post this. My question exactly, if it’s better than this or that, why isn’t it used more or available more?

Again only curious


Cotton Bacon… The name just makes me hungry!

I still use Shiseido pads, ive got enough to last 5 lifetimes.


[quote=“DarthVapor, post:18, topic:35868”]
My question exactly, if it’s better than this or that, why isn’t it used more or available more?
[/quote]I believe it will come down to COST$$$ but not sure.

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