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I hope I have this in the right category but here is my question. I am part of a Utah Vape group on Facebook and occasionally share some of my juices with people. Somebody asked me if he could buy some juice from me. The only law I know of in Utah is that all sales must be face to face. I’m not starting a business or anything but is this legal? Or is it like a garage sale. I’m not interested in getting a license to sell it but the last thing I need is to sell something to some undercover cop looking to make a name for himself or something and then I wind up getting arrested for a couple bucks worth of juice,

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Technically the FDA would prevent you unless you can prove sales prior to aug 8th and you manufacture in a clean room environment.


It is a crime according to the FDA. Suggest you not advertise online what you want to do. Also suggest you write Trump a letter about the FDA and their crimes against Vapers once he’s in office (cross your fingers).


I had a similar conundrum thanks to my big mouthed son. :confused: He and a coworker were behind the store where they work breaking down boxes but also having too much fun while doing this. Someone reported “two scruffy looking men behind the strip mall causing trouble.” He knows this because the cop that rolled up on them to check it out laughed about it once he knew the reality of the situation. Anyway, the cop has a few pulls on his vape before getting back in the squad and my son and his coworker both vape as well so of course , this becomes a whole new convo where by my son lets the cop drip some of the juice I made for him. He tells the cop his mom made it, cop wants to buy some. :persevere:

Now, I know a couple cops pretty well who I’d happily sell to if they quit smoking but this guy I do not know. Awe HELL NO! lolol Sorry…


You meant hillary didnt you ???

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Not if I want change for vapers, no…

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I just had to mess with you


It is illegal unless you have a clean room and can prove sales of your juice and I mean exact flavor so unless you have a clean room to make yoiur juiice and or you sold your juice before August 8th and ypuhave to have filled out all the proper paper work and there is a lot of it lol. So I would suggest only selling it to close friends and don’t tell the whole world you’re going to do it. Honestly most of the people on here probably sell juice to people they know.

Federally, yes regulated. Illegal…you know with all these lawsuits against the FDA I’m just not sure they can call anything illegal with vapor yet. (My opinion)

My funny story: A cop came to the door to deliver a court document two weeks ago. (my husband is a witness in a case) I opened the door and realized the house was a fog of vape… I looked at him and said “that’s not weed it’s vapor” he said “I think I know the difference” and chuckled… They really don’t care about vapor and with our new medical marijuana laws they don’t really care about weed anymore. (they know who has weed cards btw)


So far, I haven’t sold any. At times though I will barter with the boys, especially if they want a 30 mil of something I don’t normally make for myself. It’s usually the youngest asking for 30 mil of the Black Cherry juice (what he gave that cop) so I ask him to pick up a gallon of milk or something for me on the way over. Let the FDA try to regulate when my kids bring their old mum some groceries, good lord!

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So just give it to him, but drop the hint that you can’t sell it, because of the FDA and you are willing to mix him some if he buys you the supplies.