Hey CAP... Hey FA ... Shortbread? Shortcake? Please!

Wouldn’t that be nice… I been working on CAP sugar cookie INW strawberry kiss FA fresh cream INW biscuit and TFA/TPA whipped cream and it’s good but man… A shortbread or shortcake or angel food would be dope af! That is all…thoughts?

I have been toying around with mixing equal parts vanilla cupcake and piecrust to mimic a shortcake. It works presently I’m using equal parts of them and then using that combo as 1/4 of the overall flavoring berries or peaches and sweet cream are my go to fruit and cream combos for it.:grinning:

How about a “buttery vanilla shortbread”?


Or NotCharlesManson’s Strawberry Shortcake Bar? :slight_smile:


I believe that there was a beta testing of shortbread from Real Flavours so hopefully everything will be fine and we will se a true shortbread flavour soon?

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Nonna’s cake to me is like angel food cake

I have Nonnas cake and it’s good but the lemon zest or lemon in it kills it for me… Reminds me more of a pound cake with lemon.

Nonna’s cake is great. It would be good if they had a more … ‘cakey’ one without any trace of lemon too though.

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I have that one in the cart at ecx… good to know it has that lemon element. I would love short bread!

OOO flavours sells a shortbread, it’s called Girly Cookies Shortbread.
They sell it in the UK http://www.justflavours247.com/girlycookiesshortbreadooo.html
They must sell it in the US too. I suppose so anyway.
They have a strawberry shortbread too in the UK.
Can’t vouch for the quality of both flavours though cause I’ve never tried any of them, but they do exist :grinning:

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I’m not sure if it’s because I vape at lower temps or what but I still haven’t gotten a lemon taste to this cake :slight_smile: If you stick that nonna’s cake with strawberry (red touch FA) and a little ripe) it make a killer strawberry shortcake.


You can actually smell the hint of lemon from the bottle. it does fade though, with steeping