Hey guys. just dropping by

hey :slight_smile: just in case anybody wondered, i’m just not coping in my new apartment (given present disability level) and have been unable to mix, nor even cook for myself properly, so have been very much back on the stinkies. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that i’m presently being assessed by Occupationally therapy, and very likely to get a bit a help, Nope that’s not likely to extend to mixing is it? but still , that made me feel optimistic enough to break out some of my old mixes (9 months old, or more in many cases) and hey! some of them have stood the test of time remarkably well, including a few SFTs and such, so I might just have a bit more data to add after all (not in relation to steep time, though *chuckle *. I’m sure they all finished steeping at some unknown point in time long ago)

Oh! And yesterday, i introduced my Occupational Therapist to vaping, and sent her away with a bit of brand new MTL kit I had hanging around plus a bottle of home-made juice. How about that? *grins *The Medicine lower flavouring had not faded, of course (I’dd sensibly kept it in the dark, in spite of the gloomy feeling that I might as well flush the lot away, which actually led ti the demise of some of my efforts) but -more remarkably- the 18mg nicotine therein hadn’t deteriorated either, at least not to any really noticeable degree. One up for amber glass bottles with closed caps, eh?

I’m now happily vaping on one of the others right now, a chocolatey confection @ 48mg which, admittedly, didn’t hold up so well. It tastes pretty harsh (I know, i know, 48mg would taste a bit harsh. I mean harsher than usual) but nonetheless satisfies my nicotine craving, and actually still tastes a damned sight better than those tobacco flavour doo-dahs do.

Oh! and I just found 48 new notifications. Eek! I hope nobody was waiting for a reply .

Anyways , it might be just a pipe dream, or even a bong dream, but i’m beginning to think, hmm, maybe I’ll start mixing again. It’s be a bloody shame to let all those little bottles of MF (still cluttering up my fridge) go to waste, wouldn’t it? not to mention the nicotine base in my .freezer. etc.

all the best.



Nice to see you back Jai!
I’m sure you know the right concoction to get off the cancer sticks well enough and hey, yes we missed you!

Not even a question is it?
Nice to c u back


Great to see you again @jay210 , still spreading the love, eh? I hope you could quit smoking again, soon. Nothing but best wishes for you.


Good luck on the disability and welcome back. Am I to understand that you only have MF concentrates? Either way, they would never go to waste, just leave a message on the forum here and they will be gone like :clap: that.


Hehe. You wish

nope, i’ve got a bunch of other brands but the rest are kept in drawers, because i do like to keep a bit of food in my fridge as well , and hell, you know just how precious those MF concentrates are.

I’ve been a little bit tempted to use them as food/drink flavourings, since they’re not otherwise occupied ATM; but then I thought they would get used really fast that way, probably, and leave me with another expensive habit to upkeep. So I 've saved 'em.

Thanks for the good wishes, everybody :slight_smile:


Nice to hear from you again, just try to keep it up, baby steps will do. Falling down is not so bad, as long as you get up again.



jay210 ive wondered where you went , sorry to hear about your situation … I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers… It is nice to see you pop back in , hopefully things will turn around for you. Please dont be a stranger


Sorry to hear things haven’t been going great. Hope things look up from here on out. And if you’re ever having trouble mixing, feel free to pm me over a request and I’ll happily post you some juice to keep you going. Most of my stash is still PG free, though I know it’s a limited selection, especially compared to yours, offers always there though.

All the best


As everyone else has said, sorry to hear about the rough patch, but glad that you are back, and moving on up so to speak. Also great that you passed on the “vaping” to someone else as well. Stay strong.


Welcome back and hope all goes well. No matter what life throws at you, some day things will get better.


hey :smiley:

gotta say a big thank you for the awesomely kind offer. I’m a bit belated with the thanks cos i’ve been mulling it over, along with the question of whether i can realistically get back into mixing?

As for the latter question, I’ve optimistically ordered a boxload of sterile, disposable pipettes , and now i’m wondering WTF* to keep 'em? (forgot how cramped this place is, for a sec :rofl:) but that should cut down on the work of cleaning on sterilising a bit, and i’m thinking of actually employing some occasional help with the mixing.

In any case , seeing as you’re in the UK, I’m in the UK, we’re both intersted in mixing with MF, etc, I’m pretty damned sure I’m gonna want some kind of interaction with you. eg exchanging MF samples at the very least.

Heck, PM your adress and I’ll put some little bottles in the post for you, next opprtunity (you might have to wait some time, mind, cos I rarely get out to the post office). And then I’ll feel better about about leaning on you for some juice, if it comes to that , won’t I? :grinning:

*EDIT: erm, slight variation of usage there, replacing “what” with “where” . Sorry, I only just noticed I was being a tad creative there.


Hi Jay, I had completely missed this, my bad. That’s a very generous offer!! I’m on a bit of an experiment at the moment cause I’m discovering that my reactions seem to be more flavour based than as PG based as I thought, but I still have plenty of pg free :grin: