Hey im new looking for the % for caliburn g using capella

dear people of this forum,

im new to mixing , don’t even got my flavours in i will get them tomorrow.
im looking for the % of capella for the caliburn g pod system mtl.

do you guys/girls have any tip on that

i would like to make a strawberry menthol to start with
the flavours i got are.


if you guys/girls know any other mixes i could make with these flavours they are welkom.
they are mend to be for the caliburn g without any nic in them.
i will get to the nic later on first i wanna make a good flavour i could vape and mix with cbd

thank you for your input im eager too hear from you guys/girls


Hey, and welcome! The percentages of flavour don’t really change between mods and tanks, it usually depends on how thick you make your liquid (50vg/50pg 70vg/30pg etc) - I tend to find the more VG I have the more flavour I sometimes need, but with some flavours it is the exact opposite! So with that said, for a pod system, you want to be leaning towards the 50/50 ratio, as if you make it too thick it could be a problem flowing. With CAP flavours I usually start at around 5% and work from there (except that Super Sweet, use that sparingly! a few drops per 30ml is all I use if at all)

A good place to start is the calculator, or the flavour list found there. You can search for a flavour, and then sort by amount of recipes to find the correct one (the one used in the most recipes is probably the right database name) :: Flavor list e-Liquid Calculator

One hint is the format used here is flavour name (company initials) so for example, your Menthol will be Menthol (CAP) as found here → https://e-liquid-recipes.com/flavor/20442 - these pages all have a median percentage listed, but I find it better to read the notes. You will soon find mixers that have similar tastes to you after you mix a few and test them, and to be honest, that is the best place to start. Juices I find delicious will probably turn your mouth sour! We all have different tastes and preferences, and things like how long you haven’t been smoking for can change this too.

Good luck!


thank you for the welcome and your input.

i heard that you need to up your flavouring by 3x if you wanna use it in a pod system
seem like a bit much.

i’m just going to experiment i guess. i was thinking of using 50/50 7% (cap) sweet strawberry and 4% (cap) menthol.
and just see how that’s going to work what do you think?

can’t find any thing on youtube about diy e-liquid pod systems or on the internet and when i look at the flavor list they just seem too use the normal amount (cap) 5% rule.

i’m excited to begin, getting my STUFF TONIGHT !!!

friendly regards,


I have not heard anything about increasing the flavour for a pod, in fact a lot of the newer pod coils can even handle freebase nic and higher VG ratios no problem. I treat them exactly like most MTL tanks in fact, and although I don’t mix for pods a lot, I’ve never had a complaint about weak flavouring (just weak nic content).

But yeah, I would give it a mix and see how it tastes - you can always work from there! Always better to start low, and add later, as if you add too much it can be harder to balance it out into something vapable. Better to have a weak liquid you can vape, than an overly strong liquid you have to chuck!


Welcome to ELR @josh131,

It’s not just like that, multiplying by 3 or what not is a standard, discard that, on average you’ll end up or will see recipes that go from 15% to 22%, naturally there are few exceptions using SC flavours.

On PODs like caliburn and similar, one of the first things you have to think about is, as you guessed, the base, can’t really go over 60VG, preferably 60PG or 50/50.

On the calculator search recipes that have got POD in the title, you’ll find thousands of them, Coz of my wife, or studying liquids for PODs or things like Stoptober even I made a few.

Try not to complicate things, PODs can deal with one or two flavours (or layers of flavour) and an additive, not much more then that, one head note and stick to it.

Nicotine… that’s something you’ll have to sort out by yourself.

Anything Sweet and cold will be a hit on those, if you like freezing things WS23/Polar Blast is a must, menthol is a bit tricky you have to know how to use it)
Looking at your flavours probably you’re going for strawmelons recipes and the like.
Start experimenting with the ones you’ve got , things like Sugar cookie/Caramel/ SS - Irish cream/Caramel/Sugar cookie, Strawberry/Watermelon/Super sweet - Cookie/Apple/Caramel - strawberry/Menthol/SS things like that…