Hey Yo, lil cowboys!

I got a problem… 4real… I need 50-60ml bottles with needle tips. AND the problem is I live in Latvia, Riga. Delivery from the UK is kinda expensive (delivery is about 20 GBP) But I need 55-60 bottles for a reason :owl: . Where can I get these bottles (cheaper is better) and with delivery to Baltic States!? ou yeah… And delivery time must be under one week :slight_smile: So I need bottles from Europe :slight_smile:


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I would normally buy locally or from ibottles.co.uk or something. I don’t know any of these, but here are some google results for you:



I’m sure there are others - There has to be some e-cigarette shops other than epipo as well :slight_smile:

@Josephine_van_Rijn bingo - how could I forget Inawera :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, Thank you. But there is a problem in Latvia - price. Cmon I need 60 pcs and ± prices is around 1,50 Eur for one pcs :smiley:

First link, they have 30ml in stock for €0.50…

Maybe you can buy from www.ibottles.co.uk - I can’t remember how fast they ship though, even though I’ve purchased from them before…

But I need 50ml :smiley: And they are out of stock… I was looking in ibottles - prices OK but delivery is 20 GBP. I was on another UK site with bottles and there was low price for delivery, but I lost that link and can’t find it anymore :smiley:

https://www.theplasticbottlescompany.com/ ?

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Thank you, but no ;(