HG First Live Stream on 9th April: 4 Giveaway Winners, 36% off + 100 pcs FREE Gifts

Hi dear vapers,

The First Live Stream of Heaven Gifts is coming at 18:00 9th April (GMT+08)! Our host @dosik_7sk, will line with @adrianlodejavu on IG (https://www.instagram.com/heavengiftscom/).

We prepare the crazy gifts for you: 4 Giveaway Winners, 36% off + 100 pcs FREE Gifts! Welcome to join us and share your quarantine life. Fighting Covid-19, we are together!!!

Here is our brief video’s schedule:

  • 18:00 Live Stream Begins
  • 18:20 Line with Malaysian Adrian, chit chat on vape life at home
  • 18:40 1st Round Giveaway
  • 19:10 Line with active viewers, chit chat on vape life for indoor life
  • 19:30 2nd Round Giveaway

More details, please check: https://www.heavengifts.com/article/1st-live-stream.html

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Are you sterilizing your products before packing and shipping out?
Curious as to how you as a company are handling merchandise during this virus season. :slight_smile:



From what I’ve read, you’re more likely going to get it from the delivery guy than the sender. The virus needs a living host to survive.


Hoping you are right, Suomynona… maybe my coffee hasn’t started working just yet… not even half way thru the first cup :wink:

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There’s a chart somewhere that indicates how long the virus stays on surfaces, metal, cardboard, plastics etc… it dies off pretty fast.
And before putting an atty to your mouth, it’s always good practice to clean it with water and soap :wink:


Yeps I posted a few charts here somewhere… :slight_smile:


Haha, generally speaking the virus needs a living host to survive, so don’t worry. And you can cleaned it with alcohol first just in case :wink:


Just checking while I was half asleep… looks like fun! :star_struck:

Precisely :+1:t2:

Nice to see u folks up and running again.
Still hope the stock will grow faster, but it does i see, day by day.
Say hello to Tina from E-Kiosken (Dean) :+1:t2:

Well… That was underwhelming. Sure would like to see an ELR giveaway.


What did the winners get?
I saw a lot of pod stuff in the pics which is why I didn’t show my face


rpm 80 I think its called and I hardly paid attention but your right, I do believe they were all pods. Though I think the 36% off is a much better deal. I wonder where they came up with that number…?