Hi from Oz

Hi guys, sort of new vapor here. Smoked for 40 years & started vaping 6 months ago, so no cigs since. Vaping like it’s the end of the world tho :grin:Still heaps cheaper. Have gone through what I presume most vapors do, e-cigs, tobacco flavours, sucked my face off. Now have Smok V8 stick & a Smok priv. Just ordered my first mod :grinning: Smoant Cylon… No idea why, had to pick one. Sick of burning lips, 50 ml juice, new batteries blah blah​:sunglasses: About to look into making juice​:wink: tried heaps, down to a mix of vanilla, cappacino,Sambuca,plus bits of all the rest I’m trying to use up. Still need a good tank RTA? Like at least 8 ml bigger the better, prob have to learn how to make coils. It’s all a work in progress… longest hello I have ever written. Happy new year from Aussie :grin:


Welcome @AussieRick :raised_hand:
You will want to post your introduction here :+1:


Not sure now :grin: have I posted in welcome.


Welcome @AussieRick ,you have found an awesome place full of great helpful people.


Came to meet Ozzy Osborne. Or at least see a pic of him. Left disappointed. :laughing:

Seriously though…
Welcome @AussieRick!! Glad you’ve found us!
Tons of great reading material ahead! Any questions, just holler!